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Flowing from The Shofar

Flowing from the Shofar
Flowing from the shofar
What is this I hear
Appointed Time to Tabernacle
The LORD is drawing near


Supernatural changes
Brighter horizons still in view
A time to stop and gather
Before continuing to press through

Feast of Ingathering
A time to sing and dance
Season of our joy
Not a feeling, or by chance


Our ancestors came
Through many dangerous experiences
We appear before You now
To remember their deliverance

And understand that
Not one promise failed
Whether through then desert
Or on ships they sailed.

We gather and we are grateful
For all that You have done
From beginning to the end
To the setting of the sun


© Poem written by laurette laster 2017

The Season of our Joy is an occasion to give thanks for the bounty and gift of life. To dwell in the sukkah is a sign of trust. Trusting God for His faithfulness and going back to remember He brought us out of slavery to enjoy this life of harvest. This year  we erected our third annual sukkah for Sukkot. We celebrated the appointed time and yes we rejoiced before The Lord, for all He has done and is continuing to do.



The Feast of Tabernacles also known as The Season of our Joy, Feast of Booths, and Feast of Ingathering, is where we get our traditional Thanksgiving Holiday celebrated in the United States of America.


The cornucopia is the ram’s horn. God provided a ram for Abraham, as a sacrifice, after Abraham obeyed The Lord. Abraham demonstrated his trust in God by being willing to sacrifice his son Isaac. The fruit that adorns the cornucopia is indicative of the fruit harvest having been gathered in, hence the name, Feast of Ingathering. It is a bountiful feast of eating and dancing and celebrating before The Lord for His promises that He has fulfilled.

The Feasts of Tabernacles is a seven day feast that contains many symbolic acts that speak of future events yet to come. There is an added day, The Eighth Day.

Rejoicing in the Torah

Shemini Atzeret The Eighth Day of Assembly

Shemini = 8

Atzeret- day of assembly to pause- one more day

Marks the closing of the Festivals, not just Sukkot but the close of all the festivals.

Semchat Torah  is on Oct. 21-22 this year, Dancing with the Torah


John 7:37-38

Living Water ‘mayim-hayyim’ streams of running water, not a stagnant pool. The water libation, the water pouring out is the most joyous of the daily rituals, speaks to us of the Holy Spirit that is poured out after Jesus is glorified. Jesus celebrated The Feast of Tabernacles. He made His prophetic announcement with His words of, let any who thirst come unto Me (believe on Me) and I will give you mayim-hayyim.


I saw and understood and even deeper truth this year. Coming to the temporary dwelling to Tabernacle with God in our sukkahs is a time to remember where we came from. We remember Who brought us out to take us in. God specifically commanded the Israelites they are to remember that they were slaves in Egypt and that they dwelt in tents until entering the Promised Land.

I’m reminded that no matter whether we have had a great bountiful year or a decrease in bounty that we are required to come back to the heart of The Father and remember that had it not been for The Lord who was on our side we would have perished. This is the end of the agricultural season and a time to plan for the new. This seasons fruit is for nourishment and for serving,  it is time to realize we depend and put our trust fully in our Father and His provision and protection. As we sit in our sukkah and look up at the sky we realize this life is temporary, we are completely dependent on God. God is faithful and calls us to gather with Him. He wants us to remember where He has brought us from and how He has blessed us. If we have not reaped the harvest of blessings (yet) we know that they are growing and remember He is faithful even when we are not.

We are commanded to rejoice and give thanks. This is a gathering with family and foreigners and a time of thanksgiving.

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord cause His countenance to rise upon you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette

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