Designer Apparel

Redeemed and restored

made alive and whole,

much more than a feeling,

entire new wardrobe.

It is time for your fitting. Did you know how we see or view ourselves determines to what depth we can believe God, and His word?  You have Designer Apparel awaiting, it is time for your fitting, right this way……….

I came to His feet

as a dirty peasant,

lifted in love

oh how pleasant.

little dirty girl with puppy

Ashamed and afraid

because of my sin,

forgiven and loved

completely by Him.


Redeemed and restored

made alive and whole,

much more than a feeling,

entire new wardrobe.

warring woman with the armor of God

A form fitting belt

engulfed by truth,

a righteous breastplate

is restoring my youth.


designer shoes

that go well with my belt,

peace equals truth

when truly heartfelt.


Shielded with faith

when out in the weather,

protecting all

as  my outfit comes together.


my hat is a helmet

and fit for a queen,

it is so that I can,

believe everything.


That comes with my sword

which is The Word,

for now I can see

it is no longer blurred.

princess warrior

If you cannot understand

what it is I am saying,

never you mind;

I am simply praying.


I have been clothed

Full Armor of God. I wear,

no longer filthy rags

I am under His care.

warrior princess

Now dressed for service

not given to peril,

no longer nervous



Poem written by laurette laster © 2018 July

photos courtesy of google

Ephesians chapter 6, tells us to put on the full armor of God, so that we can take a stand and fight. What are we fighting? We are to fight the good fight, the fight of putting our faith in our Lord Jesus who is the word, with the shield of faith.

When we are fitted for service it makes a huge difference in our stance. Our uniform signifies to others often what our title is. We recognize uniforms of our military men and women and of our police or fire fighters.

These individual must go through very rigorous training and are recognized by levels they attain to, or earn and reach throughout the course.

The authority of the police officer is not because of the clothes he or she wears. No, the uniform is simply evidence of that authority. The authority must be studied, then practiced, earned and lastly learned. Through training vested in him or her, prior to being allowed to wear the uniform and be issued weapons. The work was done starting in a classroom. The uniform and the right to have and carry weapons is a benefit given to him or her,  because of the hard work and training. Through his or her diligence and hard work, they have earned the right or the privilege that goes with the uniform. He or she, has proven to their superiors and other officers that they have learned and studied and now are able to show themselves ready to handle the authority.

How much more authority do we as believers in Christ, have against the enemy, and his wiles? We have all the access to all the authority required by God to come boldly into His courts, the throne room of God, who is The Judge of all.

I pray we consider today how we see our selves. As in all ranks of service, there are levels. No one is unqualified or unfit. We simply must show up and be trained and taught. Philippians 2:13  for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.

  1. Have you received your salvation and forgiveness for the remission of your sins, through the death burial and resurrection of Jesus and His shed blood? Do you confess that God, raised Jesus, from the dead and confess Jesus as your Lord and Savior?
  2. Have you signed up and committed to the call?
  3. Are you ready to study and learn daily?
  4. Are you prepared to walk in our authority and use your weapons wisely for the good of the kingdom?
  5. Are you prepared to fight? Praying always.
  6. Are you trained and ready to stand and take our watch?
  7. Are you redeemed and found in Christ Jesus, doing what He requires? Jesus said, “when I come will I find faith?”

God bless you and keep you, and make His face shine upon you, and give you Shalom, peace, nothing missing, nothing broken.

If He did it for me He will do it for you. Thank you for listening with me – Laurette

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  1. God bless you Sister Laurette! My name is Lia Leigh. I am 64. I was born in Romania. I was an atheist all my life. This is until I met the Lord Jesus and thru a crisis conversion became saved. That was in 1986. I still remember the joy of enrolling in the army of the Lord. The first time I tried the armor, it was too big and too heavy for me. I was surprised because I knew that The Holy Spirit is the greatest designer of all. Can God make mistakes? No! Then I prayed asking… ‘My Father God, why is the belt of truth too wide for me? Why is the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God too long for me? Why is the shield of faith to heavy for me…’ The answer came swiftly. “My Daughter, you are not ready for battle yet. You are entangled too much in the civilian pursuits. You need to be free from intellectual confusion. You need to have eyes for Me alone. You need to put on some weight of glory! You need to build up some muscle of holy courage! Your faith needs to be stronger! Your vision needs to be purified! You need the training of the Spirit. Take your cross and follow Me. Trust and obey Me! That is your training. Soon you shall be able to stand and fight, for My glory and for your reward!” I confess that I loved God’s design of my destiny-dress so much that I was ready to pass every test He gave me! The Cross on my back was heavy, but with time it became less so. I just wanted to be able to put on the armor of light and follow others who fight the forces of darkness. Victory in Jesus became my one desire. “Thank You Lord for your patience with me, for your loving-kindness and grace! I love you now and forever!”

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    1. And God Bless you Pastor Silvia. I look forward to sharing with you through our writings. Yes I too sold out to our Lord. I want to please Him no matter what! What an incredible story. You are His own workmanship created in Christ Jesus.

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