Thrill of Victory

Thrill of Victory

It is not easy to grow in The Lord

Does not come natural at first

But just like the thrill of the hunt

It’s the catch that creates the thirst

Oh but once we taste success

And finally pass a test

It is then we begin to grow

the fight becomes the quest

What a thrill of victory

Oh what glory indeed

When we come to realize

The company that we keep

Armies of angels go with us

The Host of Heaven is beaming down

When at last we realize

Our triumph is all to Him a crown

(I heard in my spirit, pray that Trump will triumph.)

I shall not show up empty handed

On the day of the great feast

For I want to bring him beauty

Ornate crowns to lay at His feet

Oh how sweet the thrill of victory

Does conquer the sorrow of defeat

As long as we stay in the fight

do not relinquish or take a backseat

For our Lord is calling all warriors

Step up and take your place at the front

If you truly believe He is Commander

Take His Word be bold and blunt

Oh church it is time to conquer

And fight with the sword of His word

For God is not a man that He can lie

And we are not beat down or conquered

No church we are the victors

And I hear our Masters heart

We will taste the thrill of victory

If we do not tuck tail or fall apart

The battle is not to the fierce

But only to those who believe

By His Spirit, Our Commander and Chief

Is none other than the Host of Armies

He did not bring us out

That we should be defeated

No it is for success and victory only

That in heavenly places we are seated

So listen for the bugle call

The trumpet of Voice will blow

He is calling forth His warriors

Church rise up its time to show!!

We are the church of the Firstborn

In Zion, part of The Master’s plan

Church we cannot be overtaken

If we take Him at His command!

Poem written by Laurette Laster © 2018 August