We The People! Responsibility Calls This November Fall.

Responsibility Calls This November Fall.

We The People!


November has arrived as we look around

Yes the leaves are changing, falling to the ground

It’s finally autumn’s color, this beautiful crisp morn

I know I am very thankful, yet our Nation is torn


One day they will see and be grateful for this time

We The People! The Called, voted to keep things in line

We cannot grow weary nor become weak and feeble

No, we are One Nation under God, and yes we are His People


Praying for the newness of this November time

While waiting on the answers, I know are in due time

I know His thoughts toward us, they are only good

And all The Lord has planned, we see has withstood


The test of time and eons only go to prove

That our God is sovereign and we are on the move

The plans He has prepared long ago were in advance

His ways much higher than ours, just stop and take a glance


So as we welcome the 2018 midterm elections this November

We The People have a responsibility, and yes we must remember

I pray if you haven’t already, make yourself a note

And realize your freedom, many died so you can Vote!!


Lift your ballot high and show that we have heard

We understood the urgency, listened to The Word!

So Vote For life and liberty, make it known to one and All

We are One Nation on God’s side, Hello November’s call


© laurette laster November 1 2018