Don’t Keep Christmas in the Closet

The Lord God sanctify in your hearts. And be ready always for defense to every one who is asking of you an account concerning the hope this is in you, with meekness and fear; (1 Peter 3:15 YLT)

Christmas candle

Don’t keep Christmas in the closet
Don’t store it away for months
Keep it out in the open
Let’s decide this now for once

For God does nothing in secret
Though at first we may not understand
But if we continue on in faith
We shall see the work of His hands

It is the most wonderful time
The most celebrated season
But we should take an account
And remember ‘Jesus’ is the reason

So do not put The Lord away
And store Him out of sight
Oh no we must tell of His wondrous works
While it is day and not the night

Yes He was born as a Babe
Humbled Himself as a Servant
But that is not all we know
To those who are observant

Yes Christmas was heralded
From the perfect Angelic chorus
So don’t put Christmas away
Keep our soon coming King before us

I shall not store Christmas away
And I encourage you each to search
In Luke, Isaiah, then Mathew
Each describes His miraculous birth

Oh but that is not all there is more
In every book you can find
That Christmas was forever
And was foremost on God’s mind

Do not put Christmas away
It is the most wonderful time of the year
Keep it magnificently lighted
And displayed from ear to ear

For The Gift that keeps on giving
We can share in daily amounts
Our Hope is in Jesus at Christmas
Are you prepared to give an account

© laurette laster

This morning after praying and reading as I was preparing to get the remainder of my decorations out of storage and decorate our tree, this poem poured out. Yes we have seasonal decorations that point to this time, but the hope we have is eternal and never to be stored away.

Greg and I were discussing yesterday that so many families have forgotten and many have been robbed of the gift of togetherness. Have you noticed how broken and fractured we have become?  Families have suffered a major blow and it is now generational.

We have replaced “The Gift”, with gifts? Gifts that do not and cannot offer eternal value? Greg heard yesterday that 1/5 of the United States of America is depressed, and that suicide is at an all time high in our Nation and this isn’t new news.  The opioid epidemic is a result of untreatable pain. Yet doctors continue to prescribe what they can, or what they hope will offer some relief, even if it is short term relief. Those struggling, find themselves running from doctor to doctor looking for hope. They are asking questions that physicians answer by prescribing yet another pill. These are substitute remedies that we all know are time released and not lasting. Questions are asked like; what will it take to make me feel better? How can I overcome these defeating thoughts? Make me better; give me something to stop this pain, and this insanity. All the while they grope on without hope. I know that there are chemical imbalances that require medication. For those of you who need these medications, you should without a doubt take them as prescribed by a licensed physician. I am not referring to medically diagnosed mental health issues. What I am referring to is the hopeless heart. I am talking about the heart in need of a touch by The Gift of God. The Gift of God is eternal and offers hope for those in need of forgiveness, salvation, sanctification, and wholeness.

I encourage myself and you also, for us to keep the main thing, the main thing. In the corporate world we used to say; “do not major on the minors.” Don’t let the cares of this world drag you away from what is important and needful.

We tend to get so busy during Christmas that we forget where we stored the real miracle of His birth. I pray we open our hearts and pour out our worship to our King.

I pray you take some extra time during these remaining two weeks and have a coffee break with Jesus. Tell Him how much you appreciate the gift of Christmas, the Gift that lasts and continues to give forever. He came to suffer and to die that we may have The Gift of Christmas Eternally.

Can we agree this year to keep CHRIST mas displayed from ear to ear, and from year to year?  For as long as there is life, there is hope for those who are afar off. I pray for you that The Blessed Hope of our Savior Jesus Christ, fill your hearts and homes this Christmas. May He be alive and evident in your heart, in your home, and on your face, so that others will ask, what is this Hope you have? And we will be ready to give an account.

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette