The Real Christmas Story-The Truth

Had Christmas Been Cancelled


The Christmas story has been oft told

And it is filled with tradition too

But do you know this first place

It was said to me and you


If you said Genesis

You would be correct

Chapter three actually

Stated it very direct


Also in Deuteronomy

When Moses stood to declare

He’ll raise up another prophet like me

Prophecies that would keep us aware


Then Isaiah introduces

Mighty God, Wonderful Counselor

The Messiah shall be born of a Virgin

What a story what an announcer


Between Malachi to Matthew

Those silent lonely years

No word had been heard from any

Is Christmas cancelled? The people feared


What about Christmas would prophecy ring true

Has the celebration been cancelled

When seemingly out of nowhere

While tending at the altar of incense


An angel appeared to Zacharias

And with words to him he spoke

Your prayers have been heard and answered

Doubt and fear this encounter invoked


Your wife old in age

Now you are in disbelief

Will hold you in total silence

His name is to be called John, to Elizabeth’s relief


When Gabriel appeared once more

This time to a young woman named Mary

And stated for sure she would deliver

This story is true seemingly scary


Christmas indeed would come

And He is to have a name

You are to call Him Jesus

To save His people from their sins He came


Oh the Christmas story of old

The one from God, have you heard

It really does seem quite scandalous

But to some remains unheard


How God could come down

Wrapped up in a virgins womb

Angelic chorus announced the delivery

Then reaffirmed He Lives, at His tomb


Oh the gifts they would bring

While telling this story to many

But when the end drew near

Thought Him smitten alone without any


Oh Christmas couldn’t be worse

How could this decision be made

No one took His life

No The Gift He willing gave


Be careful when thinking the decorations

And all of the festive trimmings

Are the meaning of the Christmas season

Because it is in giving, His love was brimming


Yes Christmas would come in the form of a babe

Swaddled and lain in a manger

But the love poured out, that is the gift

Couldn’t have felt any stranger


Yes the true cost of love is to Give

Insurmountable, unfathomable and immeasurable

For the real Christmas story is told

His love came down and it was inevitable


Repent and be baptized

The Major theme and instruction

Because Christmas had truly come

New life, new hope, The Gift,

Is Jesus introduction!

Copyright © laurette laster December 2018


What a Gift!

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette