A season of Return 911 Poem

Wake Up America and Never Forget!

A season of Return 911 Poem


There was a Cross at the very bottom

A sign from Our Lord, not forgotten

Relent and turn, come back to Me

Oh I will pardon, and you shall see

My Grace, My Love, poured out for her

I called you forth I caused your birth

A mighty Nation, a mighty Land

Full of liberty formed by My Hand

Turn back to My ways, and seek My Face

To a time that was simple and to the place

When you walked in agreement with My word

And other ways you considered absurd

You are sons/daughters my friends not servants

The blessing is yours, remember your Covenant.


Laurette Laster 9/11/17 ©

I wrote this poem 2 years ago. This is the actual Cross that was found at ground zero.

When a rescue worker cried out,  “God where are You in all of this?” A beam of sunlight fell on the broken beam that was in the shape of the Cross, and he knew he had heard from God. This Cross has been relocated to the Memorial Museum.

As Greg and I stood looking at this Cross, in the 911 Memorial Museum in New York, at Ground Zero, you can still feel that powerful  message.

I brought home a book marker ribbon from St. Paul’s church, that I keep in my bible to remind me of the attack on our Nation, and all those who lost their lives and the families that were forever changed this day in 2001. St. Paul’s is the church where the rescue workers slept or collapsed after working tirelessly. There is a holy awe that fills the walls of the church.

18 years ago an alarm sounded. Wake Up America and Never Forget!