At The River

At The Paluxy

(November 2019)


Sitting down by the river

Moon twinkling through the tree

Pouring out my heart in prayer

God is listening, He hears me


What is in your heart My child

Silently summoning me

Then I am reminded

How gracious and tenderly


The Lord our God

Gracious and everlasting

From beginning to the end

His love stills the gasping


He hears me in the morning

He heard my prayers at night

Where it all began

From the prophetic foresight


She said The Lord told me

At night when you pray

He is listening and He hears

Every word that you say


What was it I prayed all those years ago

Where it all began

I told Him I was terrified

I couldn’t see the plan


His hand extending out to me

Summoning to join Him in the deep

Tonight sitting by the river—quieted

Those fears are fast asleep


I didn’t see the plan

While being acquainted with the Author

He simply said believe

While whispering “my daughter”


The fear dissolved completely

His perfect love replaced

He put my fears to rest

At the touch of His embrace


On the bank of The Paluxy

Sitting down by the river

Reflecting back in time

Walking now with the Life Giver


Giver of love and grace

Giver of all things good

If you haven’t reflected

Maybe now we could


Thanks be to God

Sustainer and Protector

Thanks Be To God

Author and Perfecter


Thanks Be to God

The Speaker of Peace

Thanks Be To God

Calling Storms to Cease


Thanks Be To God

Faithful Supplier and Forgiver

Thanks Be To God

May we be forever Thankful-Forever

© laurette laster 2019

Greg and I just returned home from a weekend getaway, celebrating our seventh anniversary.

With the stress of the business and his commute he really needed the down time. What we didn’t realize is how prophetic it would be, we aren’t surprised knowing our steps are ordered by The Lord.

We stayed at a Inn that is one hundred years old this year. Greg made the reservations based on a recommendation of another, not knowing the history of the place. This Inn is a landmark. The Inn on the River was originally The Snyder Sanatorium, where holistic healing was used to quiet and calm tension and stress.

Being one hundred years old there was no television or telephone in the room. No business office with internet or the likes. Everything we needed was basically within walking distance, get the picture? Well almost everything; Greg would drive a few miles to the nearest Starbucks for his coffee. I on the other hand went prepared with a coffee pot and the Folgers

Sunday evening we were sitting down by the Paluxy River, the very bright crescent moon was shining brightly between the branches of a three hundred year old oak tree.

It was as if the moon was vying for and grabbing my attention and seemed to be winking or twinkling at me. Greg was reminiscing about praying outside; saying it is like the trees are listening………

Are they listening?

As I sat snuggled down in the high back Adirondack chair beside Greg, quiet and so peaceful, I was reminded of encounter with a messenger prophetess, while shopping in a bible book store, in 2001. The year I had stepped out in faith (this poem began to flow).

I was standing at a sale table full of clearance books, she was on the other side of the table directly across from me. When I looked up she was looking directly at me and began by saying: The Lord says when you pray at night…..she went on to describe things no person could possibly know.

I didn’t pray only at night. While lying on my air mattress (my new bed) I did pour my heart out to God now my Father. I hadn’t given much thought to His hearing me. I had found peace I had never known and I just knew something was different. It was Him! He was real and He listened to me.

Her words meant so much that day. I glowed in the dark for days after this encounter. Other supernatural events occurred on this day confirming God was with me.

When checking out I ask the store owner if he knew the woman who had prophesied over me, he said no I didn’t see and I’ve never seen anyone like you describe here before.

Was she an angel in disguise? I don’t know but I know she was a messenger with a word for me that day.

Many of the things I prayed about still have not manifested or come to fruition (yet), but I know I am no longer afraid. If He said it-He will do it!

I know the Author and Perfecter of our Faith, I know the Peace Speaker, and I know Him by Name.

The storms cannot destroy us, they have come to define us. If you are going through a storm right now, He is preparing you to face your giant. Your are being prepared to conquer.

I pray today you can take some time to reflect, He has been, always is, and will always be forever faithful!

And now I impart to you……

He hears you when you pray! So pour your heart out to Him, He is listening!

Blessings to you.

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