Falling Leaves

a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing, (Ecclesiastes 3:5)

Soon the Leaves will be Falling
from My October Heart Series

Soon the leaves will be falling
Summoning change is ahead
Today I no longer fear
Root season doesn’t fill me with dread

I’ve come to understand
In growth and maturity
We must learn to let go
If we are going to have surety

So as the seasons change
I kneel and softly pray
I know it’s time to look inward
To listen to what You will say

Seasons come and seasons go
But one thing is determined
He that began this work
Will openly confirm it

God with us who can stop
The winter from turning to spring
So winter and root season
Are lessons to see a new thing

At first glance change seems solemn
A little dreary now and then
But just snuggle down
This is where real work begins

A fire and a cup of coffee
Maybe hot chocolate with toast
A fire pit and blankets
Snuggle with His book as a guidepost

Never let a change in weather
Cause you to become sad
Because whatever change He is making
When embraced will make you glad

Β© laurette laster 2018

Seasonal changes teach us to embrace the now, and eagerly await what is to come. This is The Lord’s way of saying, I’m speaking and helping you understand. Sometimes unsettling and somber, but change always, ALWAYS causes us to grow. we grow in every season.

A time for new requires letting go of the old or what was. I remember when change unsettled me. I couldn’t let go for fear of famine. I didn’t know then like I do now, that to release what was, allows God to usher in the new. Root season is a dark cold season but oh β€œJoy cometh in the morning” or in spring time. What we thought dead and buried, we realize is only planted. Once planted, God has ordained roots and shoots, yes, all in His perfect timing. Issues hindered my acceptance in the past, but not today.

Today, I embrace, welcome, and get excited, about change, realizing without change I become bored, irritable and frustrated. God knew we would experience this so He ordained change to be all around us. Change keeps us alive and vibrant. We are commanded to be fruitful and in order to be fruitful we must experience the seasons that are in God’s perfect alignment and timing.

With The LORD, change comes tenderly; lovingly; quietly; gently, often secretly; even while we sleep. While we go on about our daily lives EVERYTHING is changing, without our knowledge, the deep intrinsic truths continue forwards. God’s word is truth and it is alive and powerful, His word that does not fail is all around us, from before the world began. God indeed made (spoke) everything beautiful in its time.

I realize my soul longed for the changes I once dreaded; the release of the old to usher in the new. Nature teaches us letting go is beautiful because in Christ Jesus there are no endings only new beginnings.

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord cause His countenance to rise upon you give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette

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