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The wonder of God’s Word is that if you’re willing, God will make His truth come alive to you. His truth will become real to you.

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My Forever Valentine


The greatest blog I have ever followed

Has endured the test of time

The greatest read can testify

Has the power to reprove a mind


The greatest book ever written

Truth and stories on every page

The life, the death, and RESURRECTION

Transforming hearts of every age


This great message is more than alive

Simply refuses to be quieted

Now electronically downloaded

*YouVersion Bible app-how many are delighted


The greatest story ever told

The one you’ve heard before

Will never ever be forgotten

Written in your heart that is where it’s stored


Your mind may attempt to silence

But that beacon in your heart

Screams listen up and hear

In this narrative you take part


The greatest blog I’ve ever read

More powerful than a locomotive

Has the ability knock down walls

Are you aware it is the most quoted


Are you looking to follow the in crowd

Do you desire to be cutting edge

Just follow His Blog@Holy Bible

Better than Google or World Wide Web


Eternally written for safe keeping

Guaranteed to speak to every heart desire

It’s more than you can think or imagine

Follow Jesus @Holy Bible if you dare inquire


Copyright © laurette laster 2019 all rights reserved

I read that a good blog should have a thousand words or less to keep it palatable. In our busier than ever world, a long read is said to discourage or turn people away. It is easy to become overwhelmed when faced with one more to do thing, on our already long list of things to do.

God inspired men and women in the bible and their lives became alive, living epistles to quote Peter. Each one of God’s chosen vessels told their story by believing God and becoming obedient to His commands and then walking these out.

Their stories include and describe their faith in the face of fear, their perseverance through adversity, their endurance through trials, but most of all their devoted love for God and His promised Messiah that was bringing salvation and deliverance to Israel and to God’s people.

God inspired the bible and holy men of God penned the words detailing; where He had been, where He was, and where He was going. Isn’t it wonderful that these words continue to inspire us daily? The word of God is indeed alive and powerful. His Word empowers believers, walking us right into Salvation arms, sets us apart through obedience, into sanctification, and then showing us that as doers of His Word we have been liberated. His word becomes precious like gold and is spiritually discerned. Through Salvation and Sanctification, and Liberation, we become spiritually alive and are set free by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Our sins are not counted against us, our sins are forgiven. God promises to not remember us as sinners but sees us as His children and heirs, heirs of the promise.  We are no longer bound, nor entangled, with the cares of the world. Of course we have responsibility to the world because as Jesus teaches us through teaching His disciples, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. So as it is in heaven so shall it be on earth, right? Yes!

Now as His body, we are to govern from a seat of authority; we are not fighting for authority. We are seated in heavenly places, far above all principalities. We are seated with Christ Jesus, let that sink in. Ephesians 2:1-10

In the Hebrew language each letter tells a story. So our early patriarchs were in essence telling a story with each word they wrote.

If you haven’t begun reading your bible, as a love story of redemption through Christ finished work on the Cross, His death burial and resurrection, I challenge you to pick up your bible and ask God to speak to you through His word. You don’t have to read an entire book in one setting, which would overwhelm you if you are just beginning. Just begin reading and trust His Precious Holy Spirit to speak to you. I promise if you make the choice, God will make His word come alive in you.



Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever.” Amen. (Ephesians 3:20-21NKJV)



(HEBREWS 10:16-17 AMP)

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette


****YouVersion Bible is a registered trademark and is protected. I do not own any rights to YouVersion Bible but I highly recommend this app. If you do not have it on your electronic devices, you are missing a true blessing.


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Like Raindrops On The Glass

Let us acknowledge the LORD; let us press on to acknowledge him.


Like raindrops on the glass

Are the memories in time

Pressed ever so gently

On the recesses of my mind




 Tender and so perfect

Nourishing and kind

My favorites are the memories

Forever treasured so to find


 Remaining hidden yet available

Words of knowledge to remind

When looking through the images

Drops of water impressions defined





Tracing through the pattern

Of His precious former rain

Waiting for the pouring out

Of the latter for our grain


 Like raindrops on the glass

Are the memories that define

Remembering all the promises

Latter and former come to mind


 Pouring out His goodness

Like rain drops all around

Reminding us that eternity

Has a forward marching sound


Copyright © 2019 January laurette laster all rights reserved


“Let us acknowledge the LORD;

let us press on to acknowledge him.

As surely as the sun rises,

He will appear;

He will come to us like the winter rains,

like the spring rains that water the earth.” (Hosea 6:3 NIV)


“His coming is like rain. He brings refreshment and joy.” (Zechariah 10)

I can honestly say that I have been awakened by The Lord, with a poem, only a couple of times. Most of the time the poems flow out of my prayer time or while reading my bible.

The first time that I experienced this was about a year ago, I woke up around 3:00 AM and it was as if He was saying, listen. He allowed me to hear what He hears from people when the world wakes up. The sound was deafening. It was like a loud roar of millions of people saying, “Give me, I need, I need, do this, are You there, do You care, are You real, etc.” I heard in my spirit, “this is like a child holding on to the mothers leg crying and begging, while saying they are hungry. All the while their place at the table has been set. There is a plate filled with everything they need and hunger for,  but their refusal to grow up and go to the table leaves them helpless, hungry, and begging.” If we do not know our Lord as a loving provider we do just like the child above. If someone has failed as provider and a nurturer,  we can and so often do, transfer this hurt or pain to our Lord, so undeservedly.

A few weeks ago I awoke again around the 3:00 AM morning hour, with the first stanza on my heart. I lay there meditating on the stanza thinking I’ll remember this in the morning when I wake up. I was planning on going back to sleep. Then I had this knowing that I should get my phone and write this in my notes. So I grabbed my phone off the nightstand and began to write this stanza. Greg woke up and said what are you doing? I wondered if Greg thought I was like a teenager and had been on my phone all night? not. LOL! I said to Greg, “The Lord is giving me a poem.”

I am so glad I wrote the stanza down and added the second. The early morning hours while this poem was given, I could clearly see I was looking through the glass, and there were rain drops covering the entire surface. The next morning the poem flowed from these two stanzas.

Yesterday when it was raining, I went to capture a few photo’s to go along with this poem. The rain was the soft nourishing kind of rain that provides moisture, but does not pellet the new growth, which would destroy the tender shoots.

I have wanted to capture a shot of  a rain drop or drops coming up and out of a puddle, or a pond, or a lake, or in this instance my bird bath, and yesterday was the day. I am also on a mission to capture photos of a rain drops falling from leaves and I do think I will during the spring rains.

I am convinced more than ever that it was the soft rain that actually caused the drops to bounce up and out of the water. I still in my heart, remembering this verse in Romans 2:4, “or are you unaware not knowing that it is the goodness of God that is leading you (us) to repent.” His love and tender mercies are what made me feel safe enough to open up and share my heart with Him. I needed a new heart because the old one had turned to stone trying to deflect all the hurt and the sin I heaped onto it. After a deep work of repentance,  I could then stand up and leave the dead stuff behind. I was set free to rise up into all He was calling me to be.  I realized that God was not holding my sin against me, He was attempting to heal and forgive me. This did not happen in an instant, it is a process that occurs over many seasons. You know seasons of rain, snow, heat, howling winds, but always covered by His goodness. His goodness that is there through it all while my roots were growing deeper and deeper in Him.

God is orchestrating and doing a new thing. This tender rain is a picture of His love toward His people that we may grow and mature. It is not however what the unbelievers will experience. They will be pelted and destroyed. We can be certain of this. The LORD tells us, be not deceived, God will not be mocked, whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Galatians 6:7 KJV)

We are coming up on new planting season. It is not to late to uproot or plow under the dead works and plant the wonderful works of God in your heart and in your mind. And it is never to late to share the good news of what He has done for you to help someone else change their minds.

I take walks down memory lane with my Savior. I like to be alone and just tell Him all I remember that He has done for me. I tell Him certain things I remember that He has done for me that have changed my life thus saved me from the enemy ‘in a me’. “I’m like do you remember when we did this? Or do You remember when that happened? Or remember when we……?” Of course He remembers, and I know that full well, but I never want to forget. I tell Him often I was not worthy to wash His feet when He called me. Now I feel  like Mary of Magdalene. I’ve washed His feet with my very own tears while worshipping Him for all He has done for me. I never tire of telling Him how grateful I am that I have been set free from unclean spirits.

And now if I may; I want encourage you, and to tell you that it is time to remember all that The Lord has done for you, and to be ready and willing to serve Him and His purposes fully.

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette








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For The Masters Table

The eggs and the butter
Sugar and a spoon

Flour and soda
For the salt make room
It’s the mixing and the baking
Sweeten with chocolate for the making

Stirring and blending
Ingredients tending

Vanilla and nuts
It’s about a cup

It is like following a recipe
When discovering your destiny
An ounce of prevention for sure
is worth more than a pound of cure

Keep the command to love one another
Then we can call upon our Friend who sticks closer than a brother

When in the oven and purged by fire
Affliction seems permanent and dire

The aroma becomes sweet
As we are purified by heat

400 degrees and so hot
Better to melt than to not
Coming out tender, hot and tasty
This is not the time to become hasty

The fire forges all the secret parts
Tempered like steal, so dear to my heart
As you can see this is not a microwave concoction
Temperatures made hot purge out toxins

Hatred strife envy with bitterness
Rage with demands seemingly rigorous

A lying tongue and carnal fits
Sinking of ships caused by loose lips

All the pathogens that must be purged
In the oven of affliction a masterpiece shall emerge

Blended and delicious for the Masters table
Yes this is exactly how we become stable
Served while hot to all His guest
This is the recipe to be blest

You thought it was going to be an easy bake
Quick and simple with a stir and a shake

Now this is the process along with directions
Food for the Masters delight, sweet confection.
Taste and see that The Lord is good
So much better when finally understood

Lately you’ve felt tumbled and a little stirred up
Do not be dismayed This is our Lords measuring cup

Copyright © laurette laster 2018 all rights reserved

The other night I was baking Snicker doodle Cookies when I remembered  this poem from 2018. I actually had started it but had not finished it. So I pulled it up and when taking these photos the rest of the poem flowed.

Yes it has been in the oven of affliction during some really scattered times of my life that I felt our Lord very close to me. I became so addicted to Him that I once said to Him, “If to lose my close relationship with You means the suffering could end, I would not choose it.” I now call these heart tests. The hard times do not last but the becoming one with Him is forever.

Now many years later, I am proud to say, no, my relationship did not become less as the dire afflictions ended, Actually it has been quite the opposite. After the times of trials and affliction I became one with Him. My soul was tempered and forged, and I am His. And I am grateful.   I became stable and meat for the Masters Table. This makes me think of the verse in Mark that our Master recites, ” The first of all the commandments is: Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One. And you shall love the Lord you God with your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.” This is the first commandment. And the second, like it, is this: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:28-31 NKJV)

Now this is the recipe for becoming His delight. It was not easy for me but worth every step along the way, even when I thought He was going to kill me. Taking my thoughts captive and bringing them into obedience took time and study. Repenting, forgiving, and letting go of the separated or individual parts in order to become one wasn’t easy for me either. But I must confess He is a Master Baker and I am the tumbled, mixed up, then fired up concoction of His baking.

If you are praying, Lord create in me a clean heart, a heart that hungers and thirsts for You, well I feel obligated to tell you, get ready, this may be the necessary (steps) recipe. As the world throws everything it has at you, (the enemy will make sure of it) to entice you to stay and make you wonder if you should abandon all for Him, just know you shall laugh in the days to come. Yes you shall laugh in the days of adversity. Never give up and do not avoid the oven, because soon you will be at the Masters Table.

Jesus said be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette

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Forever Is Not Very Long

Happy National Winnie the Pooh Day!

Who knew?

Did you?

I sure didn’t and I’ve never seen the movie. How have I missed this?

Reading about Winnie the Pooh and the gang sparked this poem.


 Forever Is Not Very Long


What can I have that I can also be

What I can I give that comes back to me

Said to make life much sweeter-how can I know

That If I give it away it always grows


What can I find that can also be shared

What about all this makes me even care

What am I lacking that if I become

I am guaranteed it will add much more fun


I’ve heard it said but I cannot remember

I know it is so strong yet delicate and tender

I’m thinking, I’m thinking, it’s on the tip of my tongue

It can be old and aged or newly found or young


It grows and strengthens over time

Anyone can be this or they can find

How can I remember all of these specifics

But not remember and name something so terrific


Then I’m reminded by watching Pooh and Piglet

It is friendship and love given without limit

I’m grateful to know that if I give it away

It is given back to me and it comes to stay


So if you’re an old friend or one newly come along,

In the words of Pooh and Piglet; we can be friends forever, forever is not very long.


I have to watch Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh. When I was reading some of Pooh’s quotes, I was reminded of the scripture;

“If you want friends show yourself friendly.

“A man that hath friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” (Proverbs 18:24)


I realize love and friendship (real friendship) grows and multiplies. If you give each away, both have a sure return. In a world where interests and dividends fluctuate, folks watch the stock market and smile or grimace, isn’t it nice to know that Jesus knew the greatest commandment was to love?

Jesus said, “you shall love The LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength and you shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:28)


Looking for a sure reward? Give and it shall be given. For with the measure you give it shall be measured back to you.

If someone has hurt you do not let that be a reason to become, or to remain cynical, there is a sure reward when given away. The harvest will indeed be bountiful.

In a world of hostility and insanity be the change you wish to see. Today show yourself friendly and loving. Someone needs the friend you can be, and the love you can share.


If you are a new friend or an old friend, thank you! I value your friendship more than you know.


And PS, if you want to watch Christopher Robin give me a shout! It’s on my 2019 bucket list. I feel a grandkid event at the house.


God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you and give you Shalom.


Poem and writings Copyright © 2019 laurette laster all rights reserved

Pictures borrowed and shared from and from countryliving






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Morning Sounds

Morning Sounds

It is of The LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness. (Lamentations 3: 22-23)


Oh how I love the sounds

Of morning when she wakens

The birds are singing sweetly

The darkness ‘Son Rise’ hath taken






Lighting up the view

To see a brand new day

How I love the morning sounds

A time to rise and seek and pray


The bird’s melodious songs

Their happy chirps and tweets

They do sing out choruses

As each new day we meet


As morning doth awaken

With creatures large and small

Scurrying here and there

Sounds of cheeps, chirps, or call


Did you know only at dawn

They sing their favorite song

Singing while they summon

Their companions to come along


What is this song we hear

Listening for morning sounds

What is that the dawn exclaims

With love it does surround


If you seek me early

That is when I’m found

At start of new day chorus

Behold I do a new thing His song’s  abound


Come along my children

Listen to the Fathers call

Even in sweet sunrise song

From creatures winged and small


Perhaps you prayed a prayer

You thought forgotten or denied

In Lamentations we are exhorted

Great is His faithfulness and lavishly applied


Like birds sweet song at dawn

Uniquely inspired for the morn

Yes His mercies daily fresh

For His companions like the day can be reborn


Copyright © laurette laster 2019 January

I go out early each morning to scatter seed for our birds before I have my prayer time and morning coffee with The Lord. On Monday morning as I was feeding the birds their song seemed different, or was it me? There was a feeling that came over me, one that I couldn’t explain and didn’t find words to describe. I remember thinking to myself, why do the birds sound different in the morning. I then spoke the words out loud to The Lord, “I love the sounds of the morning.” When I went inside to have coffee and pray the thought or question stayed with me. Why does the birds song sound different in the morning? I continued to ask myself. As I was praying this poem was born.

I decided to a little research and find out what various sounds/calls, tweets that bird’s make. I had already written the poem, but often I check to make sure that the words I’ve used are correct. I truly believe that Holy Spirit writes these poems through me. I am the humble honored vessel who gets to pen the words that I believe flow from His throne. I am so amazed by all of this, daily, morning after morning. I never could see myself as a writer. I today realize it is a gift and a calling that was waiting to be discovered, just like the honey suckle that I smelled months before I could see it (a future story I will tell). I know today that I am called to write and to teach and can honestly say it has become a passion. This gift was buried under layers of stuff or let’s call it what it was, dung. What I thought would destroy me actually was used to fertilize me. I realized all the dung that had been heaped on me, that I thought was keeping me down was actually fertilizing roots I didn’t know were growing. Roots that when at the right time, in God’s time,  I would shoot up and take off and the devil wouldn’t be able to stop me. Do not underestimate the power of the dung being slung at you or heaped on you, it may be fertilizing roots that you are not aware of.

I love to teach the practical word of God. He is Practical and Perfect. I tell people, our Lord is practically perfect. They look at me like I am confused or misguided. I however know and realize that the word of God is for practical application of His kingdom truths, and I need daily application. The truths are to help us have an abundant life through Christ and also to advance the kingdom of God. It is how we know Him. Know His Word, Know Him. No Word, No God.


As I was researching bird calls I came across a beautiful fact. This is a fact that if you are an avid bird watcher or studier you may already be aware of. I however did not know this fact until Monday morning. When I read this it just pinged in my spirit. The fact is this, birds sing; making musical sounds in the morning at dawn to summon their companions. During the daylight hours they may chirp, tweet, twitter, call, cheep, shriek/cry and we know that owls hoot mainly at night, but at dawn the birds sing a musical song. So it is different in the morning. It is not a feeling, it is a truth. These songs are harmonious, calming, inviting, enticing, engrossing,  and all encompassing to the hearer. I believe this fact teaches us and helps us understand a kingdom truth, one found and explained to us in the book of Lamentations.

When I read this I immediately thought about Lamentations 3: 22-23 listed above. In the midst of mistakes, in the middle of rebellion, we can remember and call out and proclaim God’s faithfulness just like Jeremiah did. Jeremiah realized and expounds on why we are not destroyed or consumed.

In the book of Lamentations, Jeremiah is describing the funeral of a city, Jerusalem. Stating she lies barren, while he shares or laments his emotions. The Greek title Threnoi means “Dirges” or laments” and the Latin title Threni (“Tears or Lamentations”) was derived from this word. Then Jeremiah stops and remembers God’s faithfulness. He recalls God’s promises for a future and looks beyond the circumstances.

Remember the scripture in Jeremiah 29:11? “For I know the plans I have for you declares The Lord,” Jeremiah gains hope and puts his faith in the promises of God for the future. If He said it, will He not fulfill? God is no mere human! He doesn’t tell lies or change His mind. God always keeps his promises”.  (Isaiah 23:19 CEV)

Now under the New covenant, the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the spotless Lamb of God, we can repent and renew our vows each time we mess up. Of course this isn’t a sin free card for those who are truly born again. To those of us who are truly born again we have vowed to die to self and live for God. We long to be Gods faithful companions. What a beautiful picture. The birds sing their songs in the morning. I pray we hear and are summoned to come to His side.

This morning I decided to go and try to capture some shots of the beautiful sunrise. It was indeed amazing and I think I did get some great shots, but this one in particular really spoke to me. As I was on my return trip home the sun had risen and was shining brightly. It was shining in my side mirror and Holy Spirit quickened this thought to me. We are not to look back at our mistakes but we do need to look back and see and remember, like Jeremiah, God’s faithfulness. For it is because of His compassion that we are not consumed. I grabbed my cell phone and snapped this picture. I don’t want to forget all that He has done for me. No matter what is going on around me or to me, Great is His faithfulness. Morning by Morning, His mercies I see. Wow does this ever paint a picture? The very essence of what The Lord has done.


Just hear the words of the song, Great is Thy Faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies I see. I need His mercies each day and I thank God for the opportunity to repent immediately and hear His song and then I am summoned to come with Him, for I am His companion.

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette


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Hello 2019! Happy New Year

Hello 2019


Happy New Year

Is coming our way

And right on time

Is it the hour, a second, or is it a day


When does one leave

Is there something I shall see

When does the other enter

When will the New Year, see me


What is the significance

And what’s all the fuss

Parties and noise makers-

Can a day change us


Plans and purposes

Poised for blessing

Believing God’s word

In His faithfulness may we be found resting


For it is out with the old

And in with the new

It’s about more of Him

With less of me and you


The rise and fall

Of day’s ahead

When next to Jesus

We’ve nothing to dread


In good times and bad

He has made us this promise

Looking unto Jesus

Author and finisher, how flawless


Our faith shall be complete

When silently 2019 comes through the door

Restoration, completion, wholeness too

Yes in Gods timing, we shall see much, much more


Prayers will be answered

And hearts will be made new

Oh what time is this to happen

You will know when it happens for you


I hear THE LORD exclaim

As we prepare for this day

Oh there is a day coming

Continue to pray


For in a moment

In the twinkling of an eye

We shall no more to sorrow

To this brokenness, we can wave goodbye


In the days ahead

Continue to believe on Me

Then and only then

Can you bring others to see


That in this world

It’s not where they belong

We are destined for eternity-

Heaven is where we call home


2018, we’ll take your lessons with us

2019, is going to be simply amazing

Stand firm and keep believing

The Lord is saying NOW is the time to start praising


Poem written by Laurette Laster © 2017


We know that a simple click or turning of the hands on a clock, does not denote or truly differentiate one day from another or one year from the next. This turning of the hands isn’t what makes the change. Time is simply a parameter set by God set to give us markers and teach us how to measure and appropriate. We don’t need a clock to tell us that there is a change. A clock isn’t what tells us that day is turning into night, or dark to light, or good to bad. God in His infinite wisdom and creation made the day to slowly and tenderly turn into night. This same wise God made the dawn to awaken, gradually.

Isn’t that a beautiful thought? That our gracious heavenly Father allows the newness of a new day to awaken gradually, and this same gracious loving Father allows for dusk to turn into night. I believe He has done this so we will be summoned and compelled to look, and to take notice. I also believe it is to show us His ways, and that He is a patient loving Father, One who loves to teach and train us, and not jerk us into something we cannot see and understand. If we have been in a dark room where there was no light, we cannot immediately adjust to full light of day in a blink. Not we are designed to adjust at a gradual pace. Think about how you become acclimated to these changes in your own life. What if it was day and in a blink of your eye it became the darkness of night. Or what if you didn’t know when it was going to happen. How frightening would that be?  Think about this. God in His wisdom allows for change to awaken and to happen around us, and also inside of us.

The sunset tonight was so beautiful. It was full of robust colors that only God can create. These exquisite colors were made possible because of the clouds that were in the sky. Clouds like struggles will enhance the beauty of His grace, when seen or beheld in the face of our Savior Jesus. The gold’s and the amber’s are perfect colors and hues that even Photoshop, or Lightroom, cannot enhance or make better. God changes things, and us, gradually, not in knee jerk actions. He isn’t looking to pull the rug out from under us. We needn’t fear the changes that are coming and we mustn’t fear The Lord and His timing in our lives.

With this being said I encourage you to be gentle with yourself. Do not think you must have New Years resolution or make a sharp right turn by mid January. Relax and savor some quiet time in prayer, and seeking The Lord, at the beginning of 2019.

I hear The Lord saying; we will continue to make forward progress, but this will be like climbing steep hills. It will not come easy, but nothing worth having or keeping usually is easy. We know that the things that cost us the most are the very things we value most.

Listen for the Whisper’s of the Lord! Remember, Elijah heard The Lord in the still small voice. Elijah expected Him in the earthquake, and in the wind, but He wasn’t there. Then Elijah again expected Him in the fire, but He wasn’t there………..

How do you hear the whispers of The Lord? I believe you must; Wait, Hope, Intercede, Seek, Pray, Engage, Relax, and then you will hear the plans that The Lord has for you. “We make our own plans, but the Lord decides where we will go.” (Proverbs 16:9 CEV). The you can Start the plan that was whispered to you during your quiet time. The plan that The Lord gives will flow out of the quiet time spent with Him during the month of January.  Think of it like a time of planning with your husband or wife. This is a time to dream and decide the course of the upcoming year. This will guide you into, and usher in the New Year with a new freshness and a brand new perspective. After all it is root season in the natural. It is a time to dig deep into the word and heart of our heavenly Lord and Savior.

We all desire to be productive and see that we have accomplished something with our time. God wants us to invest the talents He has supplied. I know God is looking for ROI; return on investment. This is going to be an exciting year for the serious. Focus and faint not.

Keep your landscape clear and your windows clean, allow nothing or anything to distort your dream. Word given to me for 2019

Happy New Year and God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette

Revelation 21:5

He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”


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They Were Looking for a Sign

When I was searching I found a sign.

But the angel said to them, “do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the city of David a Savior has been born to you; He is Christ The Lord.  This will be a sign to you; You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.

They were looking for a sign
When Heavens chorus did align
And to Shepherd did appear
Song rang out. HE IS HERE!
Do you feel Him in your heart
It is where Christmas got its start
A babe in Bethlehem, born that night
Can you feel it, oh what a glorious sight.

Now you know the Christmas story
God came down in all His glory
Born to suffer born to save.
For you and me, ‘The Gift’ He gave.

© Laurette Laster

This morning as I was reading through my poems I was looking for one to post today, I was thinking about the word consolation. The people of God were looking for the promised consolation of Israel. I talked about in a previous blog that God is talking. This is a fact we hear spoken over and over in the scriptures. But as to who is going to hear, there are specific regulations that God required. It is to those who are intently looking, and having bowed their ear, this kind of listening is what God is looking for. It is to these that the word of The Lord will be heard. It must be valued and treasured. After Simeon and Anna spoke to Mary and Joseph concerning this child, scriptures tells us, ” But Mary treasured up  all these things and pondered them in her heart. (Luke 2:19 NIV) God isn’t slothful or wasteful or bored, and He isn’t going to tickle our ears either. He is serious and I believe coined the phrase, Serious inquiries only.

So with all this in my heart off to my office and to my husband Greg’s, late mother’s concordance, I went to search. Greg’s mother gifted her concordance to him many years ago, but I must say it has been a genuine treasure and gift to me as well.  I mistakenly looked in the Hebrew word for consolation when the corresponding number was Greek. But I do not believe now it was a mistake.

The Hebrew word is 3874  luwt or lut definition: to wrap closely or tightly, enwrap or envelop, cover, comfort, veil or covering

Greek word 3874 paraklesia definition: comfort or consolation

Wow! Each word tells the very unique story of our Saviors birth, and the salvation and the promised Holy Spirit story. But this was a “sign” to the shepherds. To those who knew the Hebrew and the Greek language it was a wheel in a wheel that Ezekiel tells us about. This was indeed another mystery that was veiled or wrapped up. “The Gift was wrapped and hidden until the appointed time.” The sign was in the wrapping of the baby in a manger. It was a picture of the consolation in the physical, the comfort, a pointing to the Spiritual.

I’ve heard so many disputes about what saying is correct or acceptable? Or which day was Christ born? When I hear these disputes it makes me very sad. Is this really worth disputing and losing your faith over? I will tell you what the sages and the learned bible teachers believe. I agree with what they teach. The Chumash is collection of Jewish sages teachings. The pages of the Chumash is filled with treasuries of customs and traditions of their times. My husband Greg bought me mine as a Christmas gift I believe the year was 2012 but it may have been 2011 or it may have been 2010. Do you get the picture? But I know I have it on my lap this very minute. The Chumash is Old Testament of course. The Old Testament is the New Testament wrapped up or veiled.

The bible teachers, Messianic Rabbi’s and sages believe Jesus was born during the Feast of Tabernacles. A time to tabernacle with God, or Immanuel, God with us. This is because of the weather conditions that would have allowed the shepherds to be out in the field with their sheep. This would have been a more perfect time to require, during a pilgrimage festival to have everyone register.  Jerusalem was bustling and the Inn was full. So with this being said Christ would have been conceived around the December 25th date. Do you really believe God was caught off guard by any of the above details or circumstances? If you are wondering, the answer is a resounding NO!

I cannot without a doubt tell you the exact date I was baptized in His Holy Spirit, but I can tell you where I was and the address it happened at. I can tell and describe to you the chair I was sitting in. I can describe the weather. I can explain in detail the day, how it felt, how overwhelming the experience was. I can still remember the warmth that flowed through me and  feel the indescribable gift, even now as I am writing this.  I can describe to you that the next day at work an employee said, “What did you do? I can see it coming out of you.” I can tell you I said to him, ” I know, it is God!” So the light was noticeable to an unbeliever as a sign. This is very interesting isn’t it?

So because I cannot tell you the exact date of my Baptism in the Holy Spirit, or the exact date the Chumash was given as a gift to me, does it make this event in my life any less viable or real? No, of course not. It is not only real; it has been a life changing event that continues to unfold or unwrap. This is a gift that continues to be unveiled to me. The angel said to the shepherds ‘Today’ in the city of David, a Savior has been born for you. The people of God, including these shepherds were looking for the consolation of Israel. They knew the time was at hand and it should be happening. They knew by searching the teachings of the scribes, the prophets, and the sages that God was going to show up and send A Savior The Messiah.

And Today is the day of salvation to all who are looking. 2 Corinthians 6:2 His day of favor, does that sound familiar?

I pray if you haven’t looked that you will. There is a gift just for you. Don’t forget to open your GIFT.

The picture of the bible above is the bible that turned into pure gold, right before my eyes and right in my very own hands. These pages were what opened the gift of God as my Father, and my salvation in Jesus Christ’ death burial and resurrection. What a gift, What a Savior, What a God. Immanuel. God with us.

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette