Oh say can you see

OK! I think this is to cute not to share so I am going to share this. I was outside walking the property looking for a place to build our Sukkah. It is time to build the sukkah for the Feast of Tabernacles. Last year we had a great spot but the ground wasn’t exactly level so we need a new location this year.

Let me tell you

bout the squirrel and the tree

What is a patriot?


Webster’s dictionary defines it as: one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests.

synonyms: loyalist

So squirrels can show more loyality than……………………………………………………………..

When I was walking back up to my house I glimpsed something red in the top of one of our big live oaks. This tree is 55-60 foot tall.


Then I stopped and just knew what it was. I ran in the house to grab my camera to zoom in and snap a picture, but I was sure I already knew what it was. Yep, I was right,

We have a squirrel that has been pretty brazen this year. He or she has decided that the coco netting from my hanging baskets was just what was needed to prepare his or her winter home. At first he would dart away when I noticed him but as time went on he would come and shred the netting right in front of me, gathering big bundles then taking off when he couldn’t clasp anymore with his mouth. After a week he even let me snap these pictures.

I watched one day as this little squirrel scampered onto the roof then up in a tree, not the same tree mind you. This little one was trying to divert me away from the nest. I was watching and needed to be sure he wasn’t going into the attic through some unknown access point.

Even when we would knock on the window and yell at him it didn’t keep him away. He would jump down but just wait for another opportunity when I wasn’t looking to come back. He would shred this netting with like a squirrel on a mission. He was passionate and strategic but I thought to myself this has gone on long enough. I come to the conclusion that if I do not deter this behavior I’ll never be able to have hanging baskets on my porch again.  I considered some cayenne pepper, or maybe Tabasco sauce, how about dried mustard?………..and then today I saw this.

He or she is a republican. He or she is a tried and true flag loving, flag waving patriot. Even the squirrels are patriotic on our place. I love it. He is now under the Laster protection plan. He is ok with me. Oh say can you see?

And what was it that spoke to Balaam? Could this be a message that God can move on animals to show us the ways of people are perverse to Him? Just kind of interesting, huh?

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette

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