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Out For Delivery

Out for Delivery

Good news your package is set for delivery today. Exciting news your package is out for delivery today.



Why now this time of travel

I don’t recall mention of this

No it was Hail Mary highly favored

I’ve been sent to tell you this



You shall conceive and bring forth a Son

You are to call His Name Jesus

Journey to Bethlehem now part of the story

House of bread, now Living He frees us



But we can look back now

At the traditions we’ve been taught

Have we forsaken reality

Is it exactly as we thought



It really wasn’t so silent

On that starry night

Only those engaged

Were aware of this Holy sight


The journey was very grueling

Ninety miles in that day

Was an arduous event

For the two who were in the way


The journey had taken a toll

You know on Mary in her condition

She probably wasn’t complaining

Perhaps unsettled in the transition



For the two it wasn’t really calm

Many were bustling all around

Gathering into the village

To register each in their own town



As history has painted

Oh A glorious sight indeed

But only to those who had chosen

To bow their ear His Voice did heed


For the two who walked this out

Their commitment was experiential

But to those of us who read

We know every detail was very essential



He was working His plan of salvation

God was going to redeem mankind

The plan indeed had been written

Had its beginning long before this time


A decree was written then issued

Requiring that all must register

A census now would be gathered

Could Caesar know about our visitor from heaven


Why now the need to take a count

What better timing of events to record

Those written and spoken by the prophets

Not one minute detail could be ignored


Coming up from Nazareth

What did Joseph see

The journey dangerous and hard

Delivering to us, eternity


Wait this is just a business journey right

To Bethlehem for the two

But how was Mary feeling

Aware of what was to ensue


Oh this seat we have been given

To view our Masters satisfaction

They however were living this out

Instructed only to follow a lawful action


When the days had been accomplished

Mary’s delivery time did come

All of heaven stooped to watch

The Birth of Jesus her newborn Son


Yes we should keep records

Of such marvelous timely events

We who sit in the stadium of time

Watching and waiting for redemptions ascent


He came to suffer

Our sacrifice to die

But not once in Heaven is it recorded

That this event would make them cry


For all of Heaven rejoiced

The Angels made a proclamation

Because He entered in legally

Heavens sacrifice for salvation


A glorious night yes I’ll say

When shepherds heard the news

Today in the city of David

Good News, God’s gift was delivered for you


Laurette laster © 2018 November

In the early days of December I received an update email from UPS, saying I could receive text messages to notify me of packages and delivery information. I thought this was a neat idea so I entered my cell phone number to receive text alerts.

A couple of days later I received a text message that said, “Good News your package is out for delivery today.” Then later in the afternoon I received another text that said, “Good News your package has been delivered.”

I had written the poem above in November, prior to receiving these notifications. I thought to myself, that is a perfect name for my Christmas Poem, Out For Delivery!

I wonder if UPS copied the bible when choosing their message. Have you considered how old the message is? The message UPS uses didn’t originate with them, no it was spoken about Two thousand eighteen years ago, by Angels who heralded the Good News of our Savior Jesus Christ’ birth.

This news was not given to some lowly dirty shepherds as we have heard or tradition has taught. Some really emotional stories and messages have been preached throughout the years, about how God showed up to some unsuspecting low life’s who didn’t know about our promised Messiah and God’s promises. Let’s think about this for a moment. God who is methodical, perfect and precise has made perfect plans and they always point us to another great truth. God would not send a message by heavenly messengers to those who didn’t understand or know where to go to look for this Babe born in Bethlehem. No, it is believed and stated that these were the Temple Shepherds. These were those who knew about the promised coming Messiah, and were looking for the redemption of Israel through Him. These shepherds worked in Migdol Edar. These shepherds, guarded the sheep that were used for Temple sacrifice. These events are perfect and planned. This event occurred after the silent years between Malachi and Matthew. Those in the Temple who studied the Torah and went to the synagogues to be taught knew the time was at hand and very close. So when the Good News was heralded the shepherds didn’t have to wonder, no they said let us go and see this thing the angels have told to us, and they went to see, and they knew where to go.

Too often we romanticize the gospel and therefore miss so much of the cost of those who were chosen by God. They each paid a very high price, but nothing compared to the cost paid by our Savior Jesus Christ. I believe Mary and Joseph like the others had to walk out their destinies by faith. Last year I saw this painting by Gari Melchers for the very first time. The painting is called The Nativity! It was painted in 1860 or 1862 I believe. When I saw this painting it made my spirit leap. I believe this was probably the best picture and captures the reality of what Mary and Joseph walked out.

Oh yes, the birth of Christ IS the most glorious event to ever happen in the history of man, there is no doubt concerning this. However God used chosen instruments for His purposes and plans. God didn’t say to those He chose, oh you blessed and highly favored you don’t have to go through the days and nights by faith. I won’t require you to live by faith. God didn’t say to them, I’ll make sure you never worry or have pain. No! God chose His vessels because God placed His Spirit in them, and God knew they would hear and obey His voice. God still knows who will bow their ear and obey His commands.

I bought a copy of this print and keep it displayed all year, just like my painting of Simeon’s Moment, the painting I received a few Christmas’s ago of Simeon with Jesus in the temple. The painting of The Nativity is in my hallway and I am often reminded, obedience is better than sacrifice. I am reminded that in the turmoil, God’s plan is working in spite of me, not because of me. I am reminded that God will have His way, if I am patient and bow my ear to His word. I am reminded that it is often after the struggle that I see His hand of mercy and realize I was being led. I am reminded of His grace that has been poured out to me by the birth of Jesus Christ. I am reminded that God’s love covers me at The Cross of Jesus Christ and faith leads me safely by His Holy Spirit now living in me because of the resurrection of Christ. And then I reminded we have hope and we have Christmas always with us in our hearts. And this came as a message to us all some two thousand and eighteen years ago:

Good News, God’s gift was delivered for you. Merry Christmas, to one and all.

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette