I See You in the Clouds

But rejoice that you share in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed at the revelation of His glory. (1 Peter 4:13)

Earlier this morning, I went out to feed the birds. The morning sky was cloudy and overcast.

Just as I stepped out onto the lawn, a line of sunshine created a shining sunbeam that scanned across the entire length of my back yard area, and across the drive.

This beam was very pronounced. It seemed to be only about 2 foot wide. Everything that was in the path of the sun’s light took on a different appearance. The grass seemed greener. The colors of the flowers immediately became brighter. Even the rocks in the drive were highlighted.


When I saw this happen, I couldn’t help but look up at the sky. There was just a small opening in the clouds with the sun peaking through. Then I said, yes, “I see You in the clouds.”


Then this poem began to flow.

I See You in the Clouds


I see You in the clouds

I see You in the rain

But oh my Precious Lord

I’ve become one with You in the pain


I’m reminded In good times

Yes comforted during fear

That You are always close

In tenderness drawing near


Your word can calm an ocean

The voice others didn’t hear

Is always just what I needed

You are my help and constant cheer


Indeed A Living Savior

And I can give an account

For this hope that is in my soul

Immeasurable is the amount


More than enough to span the galaxies

More than our minds can even imagine

Yet too vast and numerous to count

Cannot be contained by any chasms


Yes I see You in the clouds

My skin glistens in the rain

But I’ve come to understand Your ways

In the trials and the pain


To live a life free from pain

Meant to give away an ounce

I would not trade knowing You

Nor take away the tiniest amount

© laurette laster May 2019


I’m sure we would all agree good times are more wonderful than bad times. Good times are not always the most memorable but they are more pleasant. But most of us also know that fruit is produced in the valley, not on mountain tops. Production is very hard work. There are seasons that we go through just like fruit trees. Mountain top experiences have the most extreme changes. Mountain tops receive the coldest temperatures even though it is closer to the sun. Mountain tops get the most snow, yet lose the moisture content soonest. It can be foggy for several hours also making visibility almost zero. Sometimes the clouds are so low they obscure the mountain from view.

It was the contrast from cloudy to brightest sun shining that made the stark contrast, yet everything was exactly the same. Only their appearance changed in the light from the sun. The sun light made them take on a new and different look. We also take on a new look and glow in His love at all times. Even though the circumstance may seem dreary, He is still Lord and He is with us.


So while the mountain top experiences are exciting they can also be extremely challenging. These experiences are so challenging that we could not survive them 24-7. God called Moses to come up on the mountain, to meet Him. After God met with Moses, Moses was sent back to the people with a huge responsibility and assignment.


I have learned and am learning more and more, to be grateful in every struggle and heartache. I am in no way grateful for them, nor am I saying I have mastered my feelings during these times, because I have not. I do not enjoy enduring them, but I do know My Father God, and my Savior Jesus Christ, and I am led by His Holy Spirit, The Spirit of Truth. I know that in each trial, I will come away closer to Him, and have an understanding of His heart in each situation that would be impossible to know without going through the trial.

If it hadn’t been for the pain I wouldn’t understand a deep part of His heart. I see Him in the happy times as well and we rejoice together, sometimes loudly. He is an amazing Father. I truly believe that the struggles and the trials make the good times even better. It is just like in our earthly relationships, the good times and the hard times is where intimacy becomes possible. It is real and it is amazing.

Many years ago as I was interceding in prayer for a loved one, I said to The Lord, “I just love them so.” Then almost instantly, before I could complete my statement, I heard The Lord say, “I KNOW!” I cannot begin to describe what I knew, when I heard Him say this. But my spirit had a deep truth and a profound understanding of His love. I understood His feelings and longing for His loved ones, not only for my loved one, but for the billions that don’t ‘know Him’.


All I can say is it is immeasurable. And I see Him in the clouds and I become one with Him through the pain.


God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette