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Church This Is Our Watch

1 Peter 3:9

The Lord is not slow to fulfill His promise as some understand slowness, but is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish but everyone to come to repentance.

Church This Is Our Watch

The answer and the power
I believe are within our reach
It’s time to return to The God of the Bible
Now this my friends will preach!
Marketing sex with children
While liberals are screaming loudly
Women defining whose rights
With pink anatomy hats worn proudly

Abandon and leave babies to die
Screaming these are women’s rights
Wake Up church this is on our watch
You better believe this is our Fight

Have we looked around
Do we see and hear the vulgarity
I am more perplexed than ever
With the acceptable intrinsic regularity

What is this I see
Played out on the big screen
Why are we allowing them opportunity
To destroy our God given American Dream
I do not want your trash
Scattered about on my lawn
So no I will not ever agree
With blatant immoral ungodly wrongs

We have God’s how to manual
With plans that do protect
The rights God has freely gifted us
And it’s quite simple and very direct

I will not tell our daughters
That they can be a boy
And you don’t  rewrite creation
Bringing sin as a viable decoy

New bizarre ways and extremes
Attempts to make the insane ordinary
This stinks in the nostrils of God
Do we not see the devices of the adversary

He no longer needs to be cunning
Satan doesn’t have to deceive
He simply shows up with a lie
To some that are willing to believe

So maybe just maybe
We could stop and take a look
Each of us to our bible
And read this marvelous  book

Encourage one another in ‘The Truth’
Identify the lies and uncover the plot
Then we could be furthering the kingdom
Doing nothing, this answer is not

Don’t bring a feel good idea
Or some Sunday morning sugary treats
Church we cannot keep pretending
While death and stench plague our streets

The answer and the power
I believe are within our reach
It’s time to get back to the God of the Bible
Now that my friends will preach!

© laurette laster May 2019

Submit yourselves to God,


resist the devil and he will flee from you. (James 4:7)

resist=withstand, oppose, set yourself against, from anti or against, properly to take a complete stance against. Establish ones position publicly, refusing to be moved.


Several months ago, as I was driving, I noticed a buzzard sitting on the Cross of a steeple. This Cross was on top of a steeple that sat on the high roof of a local church. This scene had an eerie and dismal feeling to it. Just seeing it upset me, almost making me gasp. It just wasn’t right. I thought oh no, a buzzard on the Cross. Talk about two extremes or opposites. These two definitely were. The Cross speaks of life, hope, and renewal and eternity with our Lord, while a buzzard is a disposal for dead things.

Is Satan sitting close by, with a watchful eye, as we do nothing?

There was something about this that bothered me but I couldn’t seem to put my finger on it. For me it was a message in a message. I do not believe I had ever seen a buzzard sitting on a Cross before. If I have, I certainly can’t remember.

What was the message? What is the message?

Greg and I often say we do not look for a sign, like finding pennies at various times, but neither do we want to ignore or miss a sign. I do believe God sends us signs along the way if we are paying attention. Often when I have doubts about what God is instructing or leading me to do I will find a penny or a dime, and it’s like a message, from God, to me. I feel like He is saying to me, trust Me.

To me buzzards speak of death and something dark and deadly. It seemed as if I would see several buzzards over the course of the next few months. What was the message? Is there something to this? I would find myself wondering what this meant.

More than once when I would drive by the same church, there would be a buzzard sitting on the Cross. One day when I was out I had my camera and stopped to snap a picture.

The attack is on core values, and our godly structure, and on the basic morality in the United States of America, I believe this is an attack on the freedom of religion and on the Cross of Jesus Christ.

When I say religion I am not talking about any religion aside from Christianity. False teachings and other vain philosophies’ are just that, false. God Almighty calls these false gods and idols, and I agree. What I am talking about when I say religion is the preaching of the Bible, and moral biblical truths, especially The Truth of Jesus Christ is being attacked. Jesus told us to go and make disciples of all nations. He didn’t say sit idly by as people in the world go to hell, and pray on Sundays.

I have heard ministers with world platforms saying that the USA is not a Christian nation. One ministry said Christians should not be involved in politics. I disagree wholeheartedly. But if we are not a Christian nation, then why aren’t we? And if we are not a Christian nation, shouldn’t we be?  Especially if we hold to the bible and believe what Jesus said and follow the instructions He left us.

Some days I feel as if we are living in the twilight zone and I cannot keep silent.

Church this is our watch. We are told to occupy until He comes. So it is time to join forces and speak up and speak out. It is time to get off of our blessed assurance and uncover our ears and open our eyes the danger that lies before us.

God fearing Christians unite and be ready to vote. It is your moral obligation. Our religious freedoms depend on it and we will be held accountable, one day in heaven.

The left seem so open to accept the insanity and immorality as an acceptable lifestyle and alternative. No, no, no, this isn’t acceptable. Sin isn’t new and sinful lifestyles cannot be regulated through laws, for or against sin. The only force strong enough to eradicate sin is the blood of Jesus Christ. No wonder the world and its corrupt systems are against Jesus. Worldly systems are marketing and depend on depravity to keep the big money flowing.

We are to hold a standard. We cannot sit idly by and do nothing as our Nation loses its moral way.

Church this is our watch.

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord make His countenance rise upon you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette


6 thoughts on “Church This Is Our Watch”

  1. A recent survey of people who answered 7 very primary questions about the bible revealed that Christians in aggregate got 4.2 correct (That’s a “D”). Atheists got 4.4 correct. The questions were what is the first book of the bible, who were Abraham, Moses, Job, what was the birthplace of “Jesus”, whether the Golden Rule is found in the bible, and the names of the four gospels. Another study showed that only 11 percent of Christians had read the bible all the way through. I think there’s a reading problem in the church.

    And I invite you here to Washington, D.C. to view the art on the ceiling of the Capitol Rotunda. The piece is called The Apotheosis of George Washington. It was painted immediately upon the completion of the construction of the building. It shows ol’ George becoming a god (the meaning of apotheosis), wearing his Freemasonry attire,and surrounded, not by heroes of faith, but by the Roman pantheon of “gods” and “goddesses.” How is that “Christian”–in one of the most important buildings and icons of the country?

    I’m coming to you as someone who was a “Christian” for decades until I couldn’t be one any longer. I was a Sunday Sunday teacher and administrator, I was a worship leader and missions education leader. The hypocrisy of “bible believing” churches that keep the 9 (yes, NINE) commandments was something I grew not to be able to ignore. Now I serve the incarnated and risen Messiah in this Restoration of these latter last days.


    1. I’m not following you. I don’t understand how you could serve Messiah, Yet not be able to be Christian. For me they are one and the same. I serve The One and only Messiah, who is Jesus Christ. Christian was used in the book of Acts. Observers realized that the people who were followers of ‘The Way’ were imitating and emulating Jesus Christ. I believe there are many misgivings about George Washington and freemasonry, but I also believe this nation was founded on the word and will of God as was Israel.
      I can answer each question you put forth, so I guess I would get an A. Today not all churches are followers of Jesus Christ or teach and know the doctrine of Jesus Christ, this is very sad. There is a remnant of blood bought believers and that is who I am speaking and referring to. Jesus commands us to go make disciples. Disciple are pupils, or disciplined learners. A disciple is a one who follow the Master. I am a blood bought disciple of Jesus Christ. I ask you to pray for me and I will pray for you. May we all come to the full knowledge of our Lord. We are told to be workmen that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. We must know and understand His word in order to say we Know Him. Anything else is vain philosophy. Blessings!


      1. The word Christian is used exactly three times. And each case it’s not a favorable thing. And it’s “Christians”, for instance, who claim the sabbath was changed (it was not) and then make it 2 hours long of a Sunday morning.
        PS. The word “Jesus” has only been in use since the letter J was introduce to English in the 17th century. His true name is Yahshua–which means “Yahweh’s Salvation.”
        You might challenge beliefs to see if they line up with the actual Scriptures.

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      2. I understand what you’re saying. I thought we were talking about beliefs. As a born again believer I believe the sabbath is everyday, but did know it is believed to have been changed from Saturday to Sunday. Constantine did everything he could, due to his hatred for Jews, to eradicate any signs of their culture that related to believers.


      3. The Sabbath is not every day. That’s a nice, warm fuzzy, but if you sabbathed every day you’d starve to death. The Sabbath instruction is the 7th day, not to work, not to make anyone else, and to rest. If you didn’t go to work, it wouldn’t be long till you were homeless and hungry.

        Yes, Constantine did what he did, but not without collusion (to use a trending word) with the folks from Rome-friendly assemblies. They ultimately voted to assimilate with the empire–and so doing threw the brethren and the Jews under Rome’s heel. The more I learned about those historical events, and observed my own church, the more I felt I could no longer participate in all that: Christmas, Easter, Sunday-keeping, ham dinners, that whole Paul abrogating the Torah. And because it’s confusing to people, I have chosen not to go by “Christian.” I notice that neither Paul nor other writers addressed their audiences as that. Paul even goes so far as to avoid using the term when speaking to Agrippa and Festus.
        Anyway, shalom. It’s getting past my bedtime and first day has already started. 🙂

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