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My Heavenly Shovel

One word from God says so much: Didactic Wow God, just wow!

Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the LORD, till He come and rain righteousness upon you.  (Hosea 10:12 KJV) It is time to seek The LORD until He comes and teaches you righteousness(Jubilee Bible) (YLT) Till for yourselves tillage of knowledge, To seek Jehovah, Till He come and shew righteousness to you.

My Heavenly Shovel

The Lord is handing out shovels
I was struggling to understand
I thought what on earth is this for
As He placed it right into my hands
Feilds and other 10-01-16 180
The truth is I’ve been out of sorts
Restless becoming easily distracted
It is I supposed just Spring Fever
I kept hearing the word didactic

You’ve given me a shovel
Exactly what are You teaching today
You want me to what
Keep digging is all He did say

Dig much deeper, He said
Put your face toward the ground
With head bowed down smell the earth
Listening for abundance sounds

Getting the ground prepared
Sometimes hard and very tedious
But I heard Him say, “if they only knew”
I recognize that voice, it is JESUS

Know what My Lord, oh tell us now
The purpose for those shovels
He said for now dig much deeper
This is not the time for rebuttals

When things look bleak never despair
Wearing out My saints, the devils age old tactic
But you My dear ones, know better
Digging deep brings forth the galactic

New growth will multiply and spring forth
Planting and sowing takes time and patience
For just at the precise time My friends
You’ll see and witness precisely how gracious

Mr. Laster’s fig tree


So take your shovel in hand
Digging deep while exclaiming restore
Because when this harvest comes forth
It is going to better than ever before

Paper shell pecan tree planted in January 2015



Yes we are commanded to believe
For a harvest better than ever before
Because I just heard The Lord
He said, “from shore to shore”

© laurette laster   2019

copyright © all rights reserved

The Lord gave me this poem in April. I saw during prayer, Holy Spirit handing out shovels. God’s people were lined up to go into the fields, I was in line with the others. I was excited to witness this vision. I knew it meant the fields needed cleared to be able to receive and grow seed. I also knew it meant there was work that needed to be done. Those of us who garden or have dug up roots know  it can be tedious and back breaking work. But if we want to stop the growth we must dig it up by the root. Weeding and removing stones is crucial for good flower or vegetable gardens.

When thinking about this vision and poem, I think about the parable of the Sower. The Sower is sowing the word on all ground. The condition of the ground allows or disallows growth. The question is never about the ability of the seed to grow. We know the seed is the incorruptible word of God, Jesus Christ. This story is however about the ability of the ground to receive, protect, nurture, and then produce a harvest from the seed.

Working the ground and digging out stones or boulders (hard places), weeds, cares of the world which represent worry, anxiety and the things of no kingdom value take up precious space. All the while drinking up the moisture, thus choking out the good seed. Then that wayward ground, common places everyone has walked over.

I wasn’t certain about the definition of didactic. Have you ever thought to yourself, do I really know the true meaning of a word?

Many years ago when studying for tests or doing reading assignments, I would come across a word I didn’t know the definition of. I would ask my mother to tell me the definition of the word. She would always, and I mean “always” reply, “go get the dictionary and look it up.”  As a teenager, I would get so frustrated, because she knew the definition. “Just tell me mom”, I would say.  She would say, “If you look it up you will always remember the definition.” I would go and get the dictionary to look up the definition of the word, many times sighing or giving a huge ‘ugh’ in response. She would smile and ask me “what does it say?” Then I would read it to her. She would say, “Now you will always know the meaning of that word.” Today I immediately go to the dictionary and look up a word if I have any doubts. I do have very fond memories of my mom and her insistence that I look up the definition.

So I thought I would look into the definition of the word didactic, only to discover the definition means intended to teach.

Merriam dictionary definition: intended to teach, intended to convey instruction and information as well as pleasure and entertainment, didactic poetry, making moral observations.

This word is borrowed from the New Latin didacticus, borrowed from Greek didaktikos, apt at teaching. The depth of this word means to learn and become knowledgeable or skillful, it means instructive, educational, informative, academic, wow. Marvelous power, dasrah accomplishing wonderful deeds, Going back even further to Greek denea, “plans, intentions.” Synonyms- homiletic, moralistic, preachy, sermonic. Well now you know. Sounds like a Holy Spirit revival to me, if we can learn a few things and if we are willing to work.

When He gives me a word that isn’t in my daily vocabulary He blows my mind. One word from God, says so much. I am always amazed when I go look the word up, and I think wow God, just wow. I wonder if He and my mom are in cahoots knowing I’ll go look the word up.

And Jesus said to them, “Don’t you understand this parable? How then will you understand any parable?

In the Message translation bible, the subtitle is A Harvest Story. The disciples came to Jesus, and asked, “Why do You tell stories?”  So stories are parables and sermons that teach us, so that we may become skilled and knowledgeable in the word of God.

When He was alone, the Twelve and the others around Him asked Him about the parables. He told them, “The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. (Mark 4:11 NIV)

We understand that everything in the kingdom aside from miracle working power is accomplished through seedtime and harvest. The ground must be cultivated and fertile. All the hard places must be broken up in order for God’s word to take root and grow.

When the Lord calls us to pray and intercede we become His hired hands. We pray for our Nation, our cities, our government, our children and families and the lost, then we are co laborers in the harvest field. We are working for and with our Lord. We are going to see an incredible harvest and witness the eternal results when we get to heaven. Now you know why we have been laboring so. We are working the fields. It isn’t for sissies or for the lazy. I’m so glad I was in line to get my Heavenly shovel. Did you get yours?

Drip down, O heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness. Let the earth open up that salvation may sprout and righteousness spring up with it; I The LORD have created it. (Isaiah 45:8 BSB)
(The photo’s above are from a paper shell tree that I planted in January 2015 and a fig tree I planted this spring. I remember how perfect the ground was for digging and planting in winter of 2015. I ordered these tree’s in the late summer for delivery at recommended time. The instructions said, your trees will be shipped bare root and need to be planted within 24-36 hours after arrival. Some well meaning folks said I don’t think you will be able to hand dig the hole deep enough to plant the tree. I thought Lord help me because I need to get this tree in the ground. The earth was soft and perfect for digging and planting. We had a very wet fall and early winter and the ground was amazing.  I told my husband, now I know now how farmers feel. I explained to him,  I could smell the heartiness of the earth. It was so memorable I can smell it even now. It had a very distinct fragrance about it. I would describe it as rich, clean and moist soil and I could smell the goodness in it.  Now four years later, we are seeing the  first fruit from our pecan trees. The fig tree was planted this past spring and almost immediately began to bear fruit. Some take longer than others. Nevertheless I can’t wait to taste this precious fruit this fall, just in time for the Fall feast and harvest. The ground that I planted these trees in is an old garden spot and yes it is good ground.)

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord cause His countenance to rise upon you and give you Shalom. Amen

Until next time, thanks for listening with me. Laurette



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  1. Growing up on a small farm our grandfather and father often repeated this:The difference between a good farmer and a poor farmer is how much work they are willing to do in the off season”. so, yes, Meanwhile, Till the soil and keep up the equipment. Great Post!

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    1. ❤️ Thank you for reading and for your insight and input Gary. What great advice from your grandfather and father. Physical or spiritual, both require tenacity, in season and out of season for a good harvest. 😊✝️

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      1. The difference between my father and his father is that Dad tilled the soil in peoples lives constantly. As a kid I watched a neighbor come into the house with dad, go into the study and come out a while later a new person. Years later that farmer became a pastor of a small church down the road. Dad helped grow people as well as crops. Grandpa just stuck to crops and never really grew spiritually himself…quite a lesson for us siblings as we grew up watching, then participating.

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