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2020/5780 and Faithful Over The Few Things

Recently I heard Dutch Sheets sharing his vision of the skeleton key. In a vision, Dutch Sheets was given a skeleton key and then a keyhole appeared, and the Spirit told him it was for the unlocking of the ancient. I immediately thought about the 7 feasts of The Lord.


An eye chart is written very similar to the picture above. Eye charts measure and diagnose normal sight. Do you see what this says?

Today I noticed something while I was reading about the Hebrew year of 5780 that is fast upon us. This Jewish New Year will begin with Rosh Hashanah or Feast of Trumpets on the evening of September 29th.  When my eyes fell on 2020/5780 my mind immediately calculated the addition of 5+7+8+0 before I knew what happened I saw



5 we know is the number for grace, 7 the number for God’s perfection, 12 the number of government, and 8 being the number of new beginnings. (Yes I love numbers and believe they speak. As Troy Brewer says they preach).

So we still have the Hebrew Calendar and the Gregorian calendar aligning. And we have 20/20/20. Both calendars are turning over and ushering in a new decade

Earth and the body of believers are about to collide with heavens agenda.  And this sounds like alignment for assignments to me.

The whole earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of God!

In September 2016 The Lord gave me a word. Early on a Saturday morning, my husband and I were driving down the interstate. The moon and sun were directly aligned in the heavens above. It was as if they were staring at each other face to face. The full moon in the sky to the West, and the Sun rising in the East were facing each other. I felt a quickening from The Lord, as  I was looking at this sight. I heard The Spirit of the Lord say: “Alignment for your assignment.” It is time to come into alignment with the theme of God.

Then this morning while reading a prophetic word for 2020/5780 I had the knowledge of the 20/20/20.

But today I see even deeper into this image and I feel prompted to share. I am so excited and I pray you will be also.

The sun facing the moon and the two being face to face has a more profound meaning to me this morning.

On that morning in September 2016, I had a sense that I was present and being shown something. It was if I was being wooed, and was supposed to discern a deeper truth and an encounter. I definitely had one and heard the Spirit of the Lord speak to me.

During the month of Elul, our rich Hebrew culture has a saying and believes the King is in the Field. It is the time when The King, Jesus is walking among His people and checking on them. It is also a time to be face to face with Him and make our petitions known.

Remember Bob Rogers and his dream? His dad said remember Bob, August is the month of answered prayers. We know prayers are answered all the time but is there something supernatural about the Fall Feasts? I certainly believe there is.

The month of Elul is the beginning of the forty days of Teshuvah, and those who know me know this is my favorite time of the year.

The acronym of this holy season is from Song of Songs 6:3, I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine. This is another face to face encounter.

As I thought about this again this morning; about the sun facing the moon these scriptures came to me.

Psalm 19:4-6 their line is gone out through all the earth and their words to the end of the world. In them has he set a tabernacle for the sun, which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoices as a strong man to run a race. Its going forth is from the end of the heaven, and its circuit unto the ends of it: and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof.

Psalm 104:19 CEV You created the moon to tell us the seasons. The sun knows when to set,

1 Corinthians 15:41There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars:

Psalm 8:3 KJV When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have ordained;


I delivered this word above, even having it inscribed on book markers given to those in attendance, while teaching at a women’s conference at our church in October 2016.

Alignment for assignment is still being preached and prophetically established. 20/20/20

I recently wrote in a blog that 20/20 is a vision diagnostic term for having average or normal sight. So what about 20/20/20? Well 60 is a very supernatural bible number. The number 60 is the product of three consecutive digits

The number 60 is the value of the Fifteenth Letter in the Hebrew Alphabet, Samek, which literally denotes to uphold, help, or support. Samek is the central and most active letter in the word yesod (foundation). yesod is # 3247 in Strong’s Concordance meaning base or foundation.

Ezra 6:3 which happens to be the Fifteenth book in the bible says; In the first year of King Cyrus, King Cyrus issued a decree concerning the house of God at Jerusalem: “Let the house be rebuilt, the place where they offered sacrifices; and let the foundations of it be firmly laid, its height sixty cubits and its width sixty cubits.

(This is significant because the number 120 is the value of the name of the Fifteenth Letter as well as the world amud (pillar). information shared from © check them out)

If you are faithful over the little God will make you rulers over much

Matthew 25:23 come and share in your Master’s happiness

Faithful Over The Few Things

I don’t want to struggle for a little venue
The Lord wants me to serve the world
Why do we fight to stay on a small stage
When it is destinies He longs to unfurl

The little mindedness and traps
Holds and bars on every window
Why oh why do we limit His power
Living with what if’s, unfounded innuendoes

Oh to be bold and reach out
Take hold with all our heart
Exactly what there is for us
Discovery of our faithful part

No matter the struggle
In spite of the pain
In the end all that counts
Is we will not be ashamed

I pray we never hold back
For fear of petty rejection
Because simply my dear
How unlimited is God’s correction
He told Abraham to count the stars
Joshua and Caleb to spy out the land
David was just delivering lunch
Goliath dead stone and a sling in his hand

What exactly is He revealing to us
To point out the small mindedness in our head
God said to Moses what is in your hand
Prophet sent to the widow asking for bread

Naomi well she became bitter
Elizabeth felt she had to hide
Hannah they thought was drunk
But in the end to all God did oblige

Ruth, we know she was a follower
Esther you know became queen
Rahab, remember the harlot
Yeah those are God’s team

What is in our homes
What is in our hearts
You may think it insignificant
But remember The Big is His part

© laurette laster June 14th 2019

Wow are we actually seeing into the things and the theme of God?  The supernatural is coming and is already upon us.

Open our eyes Father, that we may behold Your supernatural call.

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up His countenance on you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette

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  1. That is the 3rd Confirmation of God’s word. Your prophetic word, Helen Calder in Australia as well as Linda Cutter (Lady Rose). We serve an Omnipotent God!

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