The Beaver Moon

Photos taken at daybreak!

Greg called and said you should go check out the moon in the West. I said I will. My coffee was brewing and I had a sense of urgency to go ‘now’ so I grabbed my keys, my camera throwing on a full length coat over my pj’s and dashed out the door. Out the door to snap a few pictures thinking no one should see me if I hurry. You know at least ten cars passed as I stood outside my car taking pictures.

Soon after returning home a friend text, “I saw you.” Oh well I’m glad I dashed or I would have missed this big orange moon at daybreak.

The Beaver Moon this morning at daybreak! It was an awesome sight! And I was caught in the act.

The moon was nestled

Resting atop the tree

What was it thinking

Was it waiting for me

What’s keeping her this morning

My time I’m biding

I’m bright and visible

Maybe she thinks I’m hiding

Perhaps Greg will tell her

Is she even aware

When I’m gone I’m gone

She cannot share

The moon nestled in that tree

I believe waiting for me

I captured a few photos

To share as you can see

A Full Beaver Moon

November of twenty and nineteen

Taken with my coat over my pj’s

Before coffee and caffeine

Someone said they saw me

Oh now what can I do

Just smile and post the pics

And share them with you 😉

© laurette laster

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