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It Is Free “Not Cheap”

It Is Free “Not Cheap”

Grace changes everything

The Work Jesus Accomplished is Holy!

John 1:17 grace and truth came through Jesus Christ-


I write under inspiration
To share this story
I write under inspiration
To help set the captives free

He gifted me the ability
To share in all He has done
It is under His inspiration
The poetry doth come

He called my name and beckoned
I didn’t understand
Until came the inspiration
Summoned by His hand

I long to share the truth
Of a life of liberty
I write under His inspiration
To the God who set me free

It rhymes and has rhythm
Songs can freely flow
Under His inspiration
The gift began to grow

If you know the Author
He is summoning to you
Come up higher and closer
It’s up to you to choose

I write under inspiration
The story of His Son
About our God so Holy
To tell of all He’s done

His grace though freely given
In a world that makes it cheap
But just remember this one thing
It is mountain-ness steep

You cannot make Him common
Holy is the work He accomplished
He came to lift and take us out
His authority for the impoverished

To show those who see
Authority in His name
He did rise again
And expects from us the same

We must come up higher
Walk in His commandments and ways
Because these gifts and callings
Crucial for the coming days

I write under inspiration
To the struggling and the lost
Their are those who try to cheapen
Remember JESUS paid the ultimate cost

So as they peddle grace
Like tricks turned on the street
When grace is truly tasted
You’ll walk to a different beat

Beware of those who say
You can be happy in your sin
That is a lie and deception
Slithering in the vipers den

Snakes slither on their bellies
Licking up the dust
Set your thoughts above
Where neither moth nor rust

His power and grace have purpose
Eternal things spiritually discerned
It for this one reason
That earthly trash can be unlearned

So if you’re happy in your sin
Telling others this is grace
You my friend are spitting
In The Masters face

So please don’t make Him common
Holy is the work He accomplished
He came to lift and take us out
His authority for the impoverished

I write under inspiration
Today I feel I must warn
Those who want to cheapen grace
Have not truly been reborn

© laurette laster

Recently in prayer, in the early morning hours, this poem flowed.

First let me say and clarify, I am a recipient of God’s Amazing Grace. It is free, but it is not cheap.

There are some articles and posts I recently read that caused a twist in my gut, if I can speak plainly. Grace is free but it is not CHEAP. Recently as I was praying about my attitude The Lord revealed to me, my attitude isn’t off, I am discerning that there are those who are peddling His Holy Grace like cheap tricks with no real commitment or covenant rights.

Mercy covers all, grace came through Jesus Christ.

It is like paying a prostitute for sex, while exclaiming you are making love. Making love is confined within covenant, and this by God’s design. God has designed the art of love making to be between one man and one woman, in the art of Holy matrimony. I realize it may not be the most popular idea but it is His Holy Design and cannot be changed.

I know God’s Great Grace is freely available for anyone, regardless of what they’ve done or where they come from. There is no sin that cannot be forgiven and there is no sinner so far gone that cannot be changed by His Amazing Grace.

However when grace touches the (sinner) recipient, the sinner is changed at the very core and is made brand new.
If you haven’t been changed in the inner man, you weren’t touched and have not tasted His grace.

Romans 5
The apostle Paul says the old has passed away and the new is here.
Therefore if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. The old is gone.

The grace Jesus Christ offers, lifts us up and out of a pit. Here are a few translations: a slimy pit, the pit of despair, a pit of destruction, a horrible pit, a desolate pit, a pit of confusion, a miry pit, and then God’s Great Grace sets our feet upon The Rock making our steps firm. So grace pulls us out and establishes our direction.

I am not in any way attempting to withhold His Grace from anyone, I am saying His Grace is Holy, and cannot be handled (fondled) or tossed around like a new toy. Once tasted, His Amazing Grace will be guarded and valued like the most precious gem, and taught with reverence.

God’s Grace allows us to walk through fire and not be burned or even smell like smoke. This grace erases the evidence and the smell of the old man from our lives. Once the smell is gone we do not want to go back.

His grace restores relationships and makes us bow down, even prostrating ourselves under the anointing of the Holiness.

Jesus said, “no one can come to Me less The Father draws them.” How much holier can it be?

We cannot be saved and be comfortable in our sin. Holy Spirit comes to convince (convict) us there is a way God desires for us to live.

Recently a friend shared this memory with me. While in prayer to The Lord, and repenting, she began crying out to Him. Telling Him how sorry she was for not fully surrendering and living the life He desired, she said He spoke these words to her, ” I won’t love you any less but you won’t know Me any more. She described a feeling of complete despair at His answer. Thinking His answer meant He would leave her, she was terrified at this thought. Later she realized what He meant. He would never quit loving her, yet she would never have the joy of knowing Him in a more intimate way than she did at that time. There couldn’t be a deeper walk with Him, an ongoing or a growing relationship wouldn’t be experienced without total surrender.

Beware of those who serve a common, cheap work of Christ, this is a cheap counterfeit.

The invitation is to whosoever, but His work on the Cross is Holy and Divine and is a game changer to those who are in covenant with Him. Those who have tasted His grace are changed and it is evident.

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord cause His countenance to rise upon you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette