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My Forever Valentine and my Best Friend

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Zephaniah 3:17 GWT

The LORD your God is with you. He is a Hero who saves you. Happily  rejoices over you, renews you with his love, and celebrates over you with shouts of joy.


My Forever Valentine and my Best Friend

He’s my forever Valentine

And my very best Friend


I have a forever Valentine

He’s with me daily all of the time

He is perfect loving and full of zeal

Oh yes this One for sure He’s the Real Deal

Musical Notes


When I was single and felt alone

He came and made me an offer

From out of His special love

I accepted of course, I’m not a scoffer


So kind and humble

And gentle in heart

This doesn’t even begin

To tell the greatest part



Things hadn’t worked out

As planned or thought

No time to despair

I was being sought


The enemy thought

He had won

But he didn’t have a clue

Of what was to come



My Valentine ask me to learn of Him

To seek out His true nature

I simply couldn’t resist

He wasn’t a distant stranger


So I began to study

Seeking only His Face

And through the line of time

I began to trace


I found where He is my Salvation

And my Solid Rock

Perfect Lamb of God

From the Tower of The Flock


He’s my Forever Valentine

And my Very Best Friend


So since Two Thousand

Plus years of five

My Forever Valentine

Touched my heart and made it come alive


Something changed

Early that Valentine morn

When my heart was awakened

With a deeper love adorned


Perfect love

And joy unspeakable

Cannot be explained with words

Pleasures forevermore inconceivable


So it you think you need

A forever Valentine

“I AM” most happy to share with you

The One I call mine


For His heart is amazing

Gigantically enormous

He has room enough for all

Yes for everyone one of us


Guy or gal young and old

No matter the age

May I introduce to you my Forever Valentine

King Jesus center stage


A complete and perfect Love

The River of Life that never runs dry

He is more than enough

Reach out give Him a try


He conquered the grave

Lives forever to make intercession

How about that

For a Valentine True Love confession

© January 2018


1 Corinthians 2:9-10 GNT

But as scriptures says: ” No eye has seen, not ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.

God has revealed those things to us by His Spirit. The Spirit searches everything, especially the deep things of God.

His love is never changing, cannot questioned or understood with our carnal minds. Our love is the fallible, weak and questionable love mentioned in the passage above. Jesus said if you love Me you will keep my commands, so the love He is looking for is love in action. A verb, and a transitive verb at that. You, me, us, His people, we are the direct object Jesus is speaking to for us to do what He is saying. If we keep His commandments, He and The Father will come and make their abode with us.

John 14:23 various translations – anyone who loves Me will obey my teaching, do what I say, keep My words, obey My teachings, will do what I say. And My Father will love them, and We will come and make Our home with them. Whoever does not love Me does not keep my word or teachings.

Even Jesus and The Father, cannot live or make their abode with selfish, self seeking people. No wonder we struggle also. Love is the answer. Love is the key to His Heart.

A couple of years ago while reading something caught my attention.  I learned that a clef, the musical clef is also called a key. I had know for years music had keys but had never made the connection. I understood immediately, praise and worship are the keys to our Lord’s heart. We know this but I saw it in action. We are commanded to praise ‘in’ all things not ‘for’ all things. Worship begins with adoration of Him. When we see Him, we see or should see ourselves. The real us, as we really are, the real us. Breaking through the barrier of outward things we see our heart, lay bare and open before Him. Seeing His pure and perfect love, we repent, fall prostrate and say Oh my God and my King.

When Isaiah saw The Lord, he wasn’t like, yo God, hey Lord, glad you could drop by, whas up. I’m concerned that with our cultural Christianity we attempt to make The Lord common, comfortable with sin. Our Lord is not common. He is Holy! He died that we can come away from and be delivered from sinful lifestyles, warning others. Jesus did not hang out with sinners, He changed sinners at their very core. We do not find where Jesus was ever okay or comfortable with sin. Read Luke 4:18-19.

Isaiah said, “Woe is me, for I am undone! I am a man with unclean lips and I dwell among an unclean people.” The seraphim took a live coal from the altar of The Lord and touched his lips.

When I saw and experienced His pure love, I too was undone. If you haven’t had an encounter that has left you undone, go back there is so much more waiting for you. Go back for a life changing encounter with the Lover of your soul.

Good morning and God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord cause His countenance to rise upon you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette