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Think on These Things

“Be cheerful with joyous celebration in every season of life. Let joy overflow, for you are united with the Anointed One!”
Philippians 4:4 TPT

Think on These Things

Lets take a magic carpet ride
Put this madness all behind
Where could we choose to go
Release that fear in your mind

We will travel high above
The fear and this dread
Take our seat and sit quietly
Think on these things instead


Whatever things are true
Whatever is noble and just
Set our mind on things above
Simply said, let go and trust

Whatever things are pure and lovely
Along with those of good report
When keeping our mind on these
We are seated in God’s court
In His presence is fullness of joy
Discover virtue and what is praiseworthy
Come let’s take our seat
Far above what is topsy-turvy

When our mind is stayed on Him
Fear has no place to enter
In prayer we fly high above
Safe in Him our thoughts can center

Let’s stop and travel back in time
When we didn’t fear or dread
Prayer will set us far above
Seated with Christ Who is The Head

Don’t take a seat and entertain
Or listen to evil reports
“What they said was impossible”
Our decisions are made in a Higher Court

We don’t need a magic carpet
We don’t look to soothe sayers
We are seated far above
Circle His throne along with Pray-ers

Then returning back to earth
Realizing we never have to fear
For it is not a magic ride we need
Simply called to pray and draw near

This carpet under my knees
Well yes, I traveled across the miles
Prayers supernaturally lifted to heaven
Oh how that makes me smile

© laurette laster April 20, 2020

On Monday April 6, 2020 while making my bed I was talking to God.

Prophetic word
On the early morning hours of Monday April 6, 2020….
Wow oh wow! Praise God!

This morning while I was making the bed, I had a word from The Lord. I heard from the Lord concerning this virus.

I was talking to The Lord; I was actually questioning my discernment, while asking God to judge my thoughts. With all the talk about the virus still spreading, many saying shelter in place until May 20th, I was talking/praying with The Lord. I said to The Lord, “Lord I’m not trying to deny the seriousness of the virus. I sure don’t want to miss You. I don’t want to be caught unaware. However Lord, I don’t sense an urgency to panic, and I do not buy into what they are saying. I don’t have a witness in my spirit that what they are saying is correct or the right action to take. Am I wrong? Lord, am I not sensing the seriousness of this? What about the vision you gave me on Tuesday morning 3/31/2020? (A humongous water spout of prayers came down from heaven hitting the USA so hard it shook loose the virus, washing it out.) I know the vision was from You. Am I missing it? Am I off?”
Almost immediately, I heard in my spirit, The Lord interjected and said, “They said it was “impossible” for Donald Trump to be elected.” The Lord interjected with ‘they said’! Wow! I fell on my knees right there beside the bed and began to laugh and say; DO IT AGAIN LORD, OH LORD, YES DO IT AGAIN.” I knew what He meant; I knew what The Lord meant. The prayers of the saints…Praise God!

If we buy into the fear, listening to and believing what ‘they say’, it hinders our ability to hear from God. The Spirit of God is truth. Truth is higher than fact.

God warns us of impending danger. He does not scare us. God does not use fear to get our attention. Wisdom and or warnings from The Lord, left unheeded, can and often do bring sudden disaster on us, causing fear. But God doesn’t blind side His people.

I have also leaned and discovered people (myself included) always know. Often using statements like, “something told me” or “I had a sick feeling” or “I knew better”. Not understanding how God speaks can leave some wondering why God didn’t warn us. He definitely does warn us. He warns, corrects, rebukes, trains, disciplines, etc. it is found in His sound doctrine the Bible.

Years ago the Lord showed me a truth that I will always remember. Fear causes our heart rate to increase, and our blood pressure to rise. Then the blood begins to pump through our body faster and faster. If I were to get bit by a venomous snake, fear would increase the speed of the venom throughout my body. If I do not panic the venom will not reach my heart.
Yes the danger is real but our God is Almighty.
If we remain calm, pray, and call on The Name of The Lord, we will survive until help arrives.

I am not suggesting we do not heed good sound advice. I am not suggesting not using precautions and continue with good hygiene (duh). I am saying God doesn’t want our country bankrupt with ungodly folks spewing what ‘they said’!

And I know God is calling His church forth.

I’m reminded of something Greg says often; don’t forget doctors are not God that is why it’s called a practice. I thank God for our medical professionals but our faith food is heaven sent.

This virus has brought out the swamp creatures. Creatures hiding in the abyss and muck, tunneled down deep in the swamp (saw this while praying during early Morning Prayer time at the church, this made me nauseous). I for one had no idea about Bill Gates and others pushing for and wanting requirements mandated for a vaccine. “WTW” Have we lost our freedoms in the United States of America? Or are we passively sitting by as they are being taken from us?
On Friday April 17th I had another word from The Lord, He said, “the Gates of hell will not prevail against My church.” We can relax. I knew The Lord was referring to Bill and Melinda Gates and this vaccine business.

Greg and I said this is like living in the twilight zone.
We know God has allowed these threats to be made known, so that Christians can vote for morality and a descent culture for our future.

We watch elected officials, hired and placed in office by our votes, elected to work for us, those who are paid by our tax dollars who over and over refuse to help the citizens.

We must pray and set our minds on things above. Wisdom from above is pure, from The Father of light.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.”
Philippians 4:6-8 NKJV

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord cause His countenance to rise upon you and be gracious to you.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette