Vision in 2016

The Monday before Election Day 2016, Greg and I were at Sister Billye Brim’s Prayer Mountain cabins. We had gone away for a long weekend. Early Monday morning I woke up and I said to Greg, I had a dream. No I had a vision. It was so real that I got up to write down the vision when a word God had given me concerning where satan attacks believers.
On this particular trip Greg and I experienced a lot of spiritual warfare.
We headed home to be at church for a special prayer service that evening concerning the election and I shared this.
God spoke as I picked up notebook about where satan attacks believers.

I had no way of knowing how profound the vision would be or how dark the swamp was. I couldn’t imagine journalist becoming hate twisted and evil hate mongers or how evil the media would turn. When God gives a vision it is serious.

In my vision a man in his 50’s (who I did not know) came out dressed in a khaki colored suit (???) to address this very large assembly. In my vision Greg and I were seated in the front rows. Keep in mind this was the morning before Election Day and I wasn’t fully awake when I began to write.

This morning praying and seeking The Lord I grabbed my bible, opening it I saw my note from 2016. I am praying for the breach and standing in the gap for the rebellion and the rebellious. Because they are heaping damnation on their own heads and fighting against God and good.

I now understand the general assembly the man was addressing. Read Hebrews 12:22-23. It wasn’t as large as I would have thought. I know this assembly’s only concerned the USA. If you say you are a Christian is your name written in the Lambs book of life? Is there evidence and is there fruit in your life?

Perhaps the assembly I saw and was a part of or is those given a specific fight and getting specific fighting orders. I just know it was not a humongous assembly and that does concern me. I also know like with the story of Gideon, God’s biggest battles can be fought and won with smaller numbers. I don’t add this to cause fear, but i do suggest every person who names the Name of Jesus check their connections.

Original note

God help us pray!

What a timely reminder.