Denim, Duct Tape, and Pearls!

We were not created to compete, we were built to complete. Genesis 2: 22

How about a 2:22 Verse… “ONE LIKE ME”

Jesus Christ did more for women and too give us a voice.

We have a place of honor with the LORD but so do our guys.


Denim, Duct Tape, and Pearls!

With pearls and curls
A little fix it time
Truly feminine
Keeping in line

Pearls today
With a pretty dress
Showered bathed
Rested no stress

Tomorrow it’s time
To work in the yard
Onto my denim
Levi’s when the work is hard

Finding something
That needs a fix
No tools no time
Duct tape does the trick

What a day
What a week
Instant in time
Quick to tweak

Pearls for church
Denim on dates
Duct tape can fix it
Don’t be late

Remember the trick
Is to become versatile
While remaining feminine
Why so controversial

I know you understand
And find this amusing
Wait until till Greg sees
He’ll do the usual

Bringing his drill
And his expertise
My man is the best
If I simply say please

He has assorted anchors
And measures the fittings
To secure the attachment
He did the bidding

My heart he won
When He said put away
This duct tape mentality
I have a better way

So pearls and denim
Every girls dream
My man won my heart
anchors for everything

So now we know
needing their help
anchor with duct tape
review on yelp

He’ll shake his head
In utter despair
But I’m dressed and ready,
Denim and pearls to wear

What’s a girl to do
You know we improvise
Denim, duct tape, and pearls
Should be no surprise

When much is to be done
Denim, pearls and duct tape fashionable
C’mon You know I’m right
Just keeping it laughable!

The purpose when created
Lets get serious, did you know
Duct tape secures
Stop leaking of Air flow

So even if
Design and color changes
The invention originally
Not a stranger

Having a purpose
To maintain efficiency
Isn’t it nice to know
Created to stop deficiency

God has an anchor
And He has His drill
It is to remain hopeful
While doing the deal

His Anchor does hold
And we know it is true
Hebrews 6:19
Might give you a clue!

We have this hope
As an Anchor for our soul
Jesus Christ our forerunner
Wants you to know

Hope in Jesus
This anchor does exceed
It is sure steadfast unmovable
Jesus, our Anchor indeed!!

No need for duct tape,
Keeping with Denim and pearls
Christ The Anchor holds
For all God’s girls

© laurette laster August 2018

Blessings and Happy Women’s The safest place for every woman is in JESUS CHRIST.

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine toward you and be gracious to you. The Lord cause His countenance to rise upon you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette