Decoration Day Solidarity, I Pray

Memorial Day, once known as Decoration Day. A day to remember those who died while fighting for our country.

THANK YOU!  If God be for US-(A) who can be against us?

One February day while I was studying for the bible study, my husband Greg and I, teach I pushed away from the computer and looked out my office door. When I looked out I saw this hawk right above my patriotic rocker and this sign. I definitely thought this was indeed a sign in a sign. I later discovered the hawk is in the eagle family. There are no coincidences.

I repainted this rocker in the summer of 2016. My son built this rocker out of square tubing and it was originally John Deere green and yellow. The rocker was built in 1996, his senior year, for the Ag auction. Of course this mama wanted this rocker and masterpiece. This rocker has moved with me three times and has set on my porch, on my patio and now by our fence. This rocker has weathered storms, the heat and the bitter cold, so the paint had faded and chipped and needed refreshed. I felt impressed to paint this rocker red, white, and blue, “patriotic on purpose” in 2016. I could feel and sense the change that was coming to our Nation. We have been in a refreshing with many changes.  I believed then and still do it is change in the right direction. A returning to our original core values. We are not a perfect Nation, there is none. But we are founded on biblical truths and freedoms that have been fought hard for.

Our Nation has certainly been through changes since the inception of the United States of America. Some changes have been wise and some changes have been otherwise. But I know God is for us. God is for US & A change is being ushered in to our land. Today I am so thankful, and I wanted to share these thoughts.

Bring the Lord back to the front,
Front lines He can maintain,
Decoration Day solidarity, I Pray,
In Jesus Holy Name!


I’m grateful to live in this land,
We call the home of the free.
Can you imagine the toll,
To our Nation and families?

Today folks mock some ridicule,
Some blaspheme and bring shame,
Others deliriously unaware,
Silence is just the same.

Not to defend, to me cowardly,
Not to be grateful, disgraceful.
To act as if so what,
Is certainly outwardly disdainful.

We have our freedom today,
Their lives and bravery past.
So salute our soldiers and officers,
For actions that are unsurpassed.

Following the lead of Christ,
Who gave to give us life,
No greater love can be shown,
Than to lay down ones own life.


Today let us take a moment,
To bow our heads in prayer,
Give thanks for freedoms and the rights,
Lets show how much we care.

Freedoms not easily obtained,
We must continue progressing?
Because they answered when called,
I pray we stop this regressing?

Bring the Lord back to the front,
These lines He will maintain.
Decoration Day solidarity, I Pray,
In Jesus Holy Name!

 Poem written by laurette laster © 2018

Photos captured by laurette laster

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man or woman lay down his for his friends.

Thank you for listening with me. Laurette