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Day 7 of 40 Days of Teshuvah

Preparation Season, Teshuvah

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Live it, love it, teach it.

When you take the call,

Preparation season, Teshuvah ,

begins with The Fall.


Much more than a season

A time to change your mind

Watching as nature teaches;

Newness comes by deaths design.


Falling in while I grow,

Loving You and Your Word,

Until I become so saturated

That I obey what I have heard.


To be with You forever

Never leave Your side,

That is when I know

I am ready to abide.


Ask anything from Your hand

Isn’t that what You said?

If I abide in Your word,

With Your Word I’ll shall be led.


All I desire is this

More of Your embrace,

In this time of technology

I want to be face to face.


Face time, Knee mail,

Prayer time too;

I just know that I long,

For so much more of You.


I do hunger and I thirst

And now I know just why

It is because You are drawing me,

Calling me to Your side


Teach me how to die to self

Repent and learn from wrongs,

So that I can truly say

It is to You, completely, I belong.

Poem written by laurette laster © 2018 August


Welcome to Teshuvah, my favorite time of year.

If you wonder if The Feast’ of The Lord still apply after salvation, I ask you to continue reading. Salvation is a beginning to a finished complete work. We still have the Fall Feasts listed in Leviticus 23 to watch be fulfilled.

Don’t miss your appointment.

Several years ago while praying about and thinking about this season of Teshuvah, and the Hebrew month of Elul, the Lord began to teach me a truth about repentance and the works of repentance. This, like many of the other ways He ministers to me, is deep yet so simple. I would like to share this truth with you, if I may. My prayer is that this truth will minister to you and help you understand the importance of setting aside a time to grow deeper in your walk with our Lord. He set the appointment but we must listen and show up for this appointed time. If I have a really important meeting I set an alarm to remind me or wake me up. I want to have time to prepare myself.  We also need to be awakened or reminded of the appointments set by our Heavenly Father.

Perhaps you are saved, and received our Lord Jesus as your Savior. If so you may think what could this season possibly have to do with me. Once I have received salvation I can repent anytime, right? The answer is a resounding yes! This is very true. Actually we are told to repent immediately. This is a wonderful truth and our Christian way to respond to sin.

After learning about the significance of the Fall Feasts I continued to learn more and more. As Christians we are grafted into the covenant God made with Abraham, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Upon receiving Jesus Christ as our savior, it secured the deal. So I sought our Lord about this season, pertaining to Hebrew customs, and The Old Testament, which should really just be said to be ‘The Scriptures’ and the beliefs from our devout Jewish brothers and sisters. In light of Christianity and our salvation by the finished work of Christ, on the Cross, I ask, “does this apply to today?” I began to pray and seek The Lord concerning this season. He has more than opened my eyes, over and over again. I am so excited to say to you; yes it does apply, even today.

Our Lord began to show me farmers, and how they farmed their fields. It seems simple right? I saw how even after they had planted, and then harvested their spring crops they began the process all over again at the beginning of the fall season. I know this isn’t a mystery to any of us, but this is how the Lord began to minister to me.

It was like He and I were having a conversation and a dialogue. He ministered this truth to me in a very profound way. I was working with and helping Greg, my husband, with a job in a rural community. We were able to take the back way or farm to market roads to this work location and then back home. It was such a pleasant drive for Greg, who usually is commuting to and from Dallas, in very heavy traffic. We went by several fields of farmland and working farms. This was during the months of late August into October. I noticed that the fields had been plowed and were just bare.

In my spirit it was if The Lord asked me these questions, “What if the farmer didn’t plow and prepare his field? What if he just went out and started sowing new seed in among the old stalks and stubble of the old crops?” I said to The Lord, “That would be ridiculous and he would look foolish. I said, Lord, “that wouldn’t allow enough sun to get to the new seed for it to sprout nor would it have room to grow.” It was if the question and the answer came together and answered my first question concerning this season.

Without a thorough time of repentance, clearing the old stalks, you cannot expect to just be able to go scatter some new seeds (prayers) and reap a harvest. No. The dead debris or stalks would shade and crowd out the new seed. The new seed would be growing completely at the mercy of what was around it. And how could you know that it was actually planted at the right depth?

Without a time of preparing our fields (our hearts) we cannot really plant anything new. I realized then, and realize even more now the importance of God’s set times and His ways. I understand today why we call the month of September the end of the fiscal year. Think about that for a minute. Where did this idea come from? Yes it came from a Jewish custom. Imagine that, we are crafted in, remember?

This is not about whether or not we are saved and going to heaven. If we confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus Christ and have believed in our heart that God raised Him from the dead, we are saved.

This is about planting the incorruptible seed of God, into the prepared soil of our heart. It is about doing the work of getting any dead works out of our lives completely, by thoroughly repenting of these dead works. It is so much more than a quick, yeah that didn’t work, sorry God kind of shallow apology. The only way for us as believers to insure a new crop, one that will have the potential for a successful harvest in the future is to have a prepared, by plowing, field. The Parable of the Sower, in Mark chapter 5 verse 4, is referring to depth of earth or depth of heart. We cannot reap the things God has prepared for us without having an understanding of God and His ways. We need a deep understanding coupled with a desire to do the work of repentance. Did I say work? Yes, but according to John the Baptist, it is a fruitful work. We are God’s own workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works. These are works God approves of not works of the flesh. Farming is hard work and harvest time is very hard work. Our Lord is preparing us to be able to prepare and plant and produce a bumper crop and it is all for His glory.

Teshuvah is about plowing up our fallow ground to create depth of heart. It is deep calling unto deep. During the Hebrew month  of Elul it is said that The King is in the field. More on this later.


This is the season where I remember sensing many years ago, that something was missing but I didn’t know what. I didn’t understand because I had no depth of heart, or depth of earth. I had never allowed His Holy Spirit access into the dark dry places of my heart. No I didn’t want to see them again so I had stuffed them. I thought I had forgiven and done the work necessary for these issues to not have place in my life. Yet something was still missing. As I discussed yesterday, Day 6 of Teshuvah, I was a lost lamb bleating out from the depth of my heart. Help me, I am cast down, I cannot right myself. I had this cry in my heart even though I couldn’t understand it.

I had a longing for something more. I felt a deep yearning that something was missing. There indeed was something very valuable missing. I didn’t know or have the security that I had indeed worked out my ‘own’ salvation with fear and trembling. Yes I know I was going to heaven. Today I am sure of that, but years ago I had a feeling of I hope so, I didn’t have a I know so confidence then.

Before my deep work of Teshuvah, the work of repentance, and becoming one with God; a work and a set time, that continues even now each year, I felt lonely. I can feel His drawing during this season of Teshuvah, leading into The 10 Days of Awe, at the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, until the  Day of Atonement (day of at one ment). A special time of becoming one with our Lord, I didn’t have this blessed assurance until after the work of repentance. Now I keep my garden tended so that the plowing and planting are more fruitful and not so laborious.

Today I no longer have that empty feeling yet I feel His drawing. I know the blessed assurance of Jesus is mine and oh what a foretaste of glory divine. Yet I still feel our Fathers heart calling me even deeper into this intimacy and time with Him.

Don’t miss this beautiful season. It is precious to our Lord and will become more precious to you as the years proceed.

Pray this prayer-

Dear Heavenly Father teach me how to farm for You. I want to prepare my heart before You and for You. I know You will help me do the work of repentance. I want to know that I have blessed assurance. I now understand  the reason I feel so thirsty. My thirst is brought about by You. I need and require living water to satisfy this thirst. Nothing man can do or nothing I can do in the flesh will satisfy this longing.  I ask that You show me what I need to plow under. I want a new heart one that is ready to receive the incorruptible seed of Your word to bring forth a new harvest in this season.  I want to bring forth a harvest that is pleasing to You. I want my life to be lived for Your glory. Amen

Song of Songs 6:3 Elul

I am my beloved and my beloved is mine.

God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you and give you Shalom.

Until next time, thank you for listening with me. Laurette